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What has a woman made of herself

What has a woman made of herself?

As I learnt what a family was,

How joyful was compromised,

It was only when I had all of these qualities instilled in me,

Only when I realized how important these people were to me,

Alas! Time had turned tables,

What was today , wasn’t tomorrow,

What I had seen and felt,

Was not what I wanted to lose,

Time has always been ahead of me,

Be it schools or people,

By the time, I realized what was what,

All had changed,

The change wasn’t minimal,

It was gigantic,

The turn of time,

Had inflicted so much more agony,

Like they say,

Time and tide wait for none,

What has woman made of herself?

It’s never too late,

To sketch the life,

Reshape it,

Remake it,

Relive it,

Recolour it,

Life is just a short surprise,

Enjoy every second,

Because my friend there ain’t no second chances,

Life can give.

They say uplift the tribe,

They say nurture the tribe,

What has a woman made of herself?

A daughter,

With a bundle of surprises,

A sister,

With unsatisfying fights,

A wife ,

With boundless love and joy,

A mother,

With warmth and affection,

Her roles are never ending.

Uplift those who think,

She must be uplifted,

Life is a beautiful gift ,

God has given,

A woman ,

The most beautiful ,

Surprise god had parceled,

Nothing for her,

Is beyond her family,

Nothing for her,

Is beyond the joy ,

They bring to her,

Nothing for her,

Is beyond their happiness.

Don’t uplift her,

Just let her be,

You’ll see the wonders,

She makes,

The magic in her eyes,

The hustle in the life,

Don’t stop her.

After all, she is

Also, one among ,

What god has made?

What has the woman made of herself?

Chetna Bhora

Fun loving, writer, poet, photographer and an avid reader. Observation and analysis define me. Love for nature and animals is infinite. A journalism student from Chennai. An immense lover of thriller and crime stories. Love for Batman is beyond universe! A motivator, encourager of talent and art, does here and there counselling. Life is too short YOLO, so live it to the fullest!

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