Wealthy Beggars Becoming Slumdog Millionaires

All these decades kids are being taught, every human being is equal and every person is treated same. At the same pace, it is also made them understand the universal truth that there is a division of human class- Rich, Middle class, Needy.

Needy are the ones who unfortunately craves for simple shelter, basic food, and a penny. From ages, we visioned always, rich growing richer and needy falling poor. “Help the Needy” was the line in our books in schools, whereas “Do not give a penny, they’ll get used to begging” is the grown version. Wondering how far is the practical scene nowadays, thinking which is true. And it’s strange to learn, the beggars are no more poor. They earn a lot better and are doing 40% better than the educated people. They earn a good living than mediocre employees.

They look needy, do begging, possess skills, be punctual, work hard., and may be they can be named as “working beggars”. Yes! There are not just one but many who held begging as a profession, which actually our society does not accept. We have never given much attention, but it’s time to realize, no one is little in standards at earning something. Top six are listed here, who clench unique standard by begging and no more poor.


‘EISHA’ was unbeknown to anyone to the fortune she created behind her before she died. She was a 100-year-old lady, who spent 50 years life as a blind beggar in routes of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. she earned 3 million in cash, 1 million worth jewellery, and owns 4 buildings. Before she faded away, she transferred all the money to the poor, so that they don’t have to beg like her.


‘TED WILLIAMS’ was been hauled by police for various theft, drugs reasons. He was found begging on streets of Ohio with a placard saying he has great voice requesting people to support him. He was found his voice golden and brought him to the opportunity land to prove himself. His singing skills and voice made him famous overnight through the radio in Ohio. We can find his viral video on Youtube too.


‘KRISHNA KUMAR GITE’ chose working hard by begging to succeed instead of studying and craving for success.He also has a favorite spot to beg which is CP Tank near Charni road in Mumbai. He owns properties of 5 Lakh worth in Nallasopara, Mumbai and earns 2000 Rs.per day. End of the day he hands over his earnings to his brother and sister in law, who takes care of savings and expenditure.


‘BHARAT JAIN’ proudly begs and earns 2000 to 2500 Rs daily. He speaks fluent English, owns properties worth 70 Lakhs, soft-spoken, two 1BHK flats, though his family has a business running in selling school books stationary, he refused and continues to beg. He also owns a juice center.


‘MASU/MALANA’, has his focus only on rich high-end restaurants visited by film stars and celebrities. His begging spot is Lokhandwala. He gets into his auto with spotless attire and near Ad labs, he transforms into beggar costume. During his working hours as a beggar, we cannot find any other competitor for him, he has his own way of sway. He changes the attire again near Yashraj studios and goes back home in his auto.

He earns 1500 Rs every day, owns 30 Lakh worth properties, 1BHK flat in Andheri (East).


‘SARVATIA DEVI’ lost her husband when she was 25years, and since then she struggled to earn through begging. She found 300-400 bucks daily is not enough to raise her child and provide her great education. So, she also chose to sell vegetables as another occupation. With the coins she earned, she gets it exchanged with notes and bought insurance policies worth 3 lakh and 1 Lakh where she pays 35,000 and 5,000 as premium. She enjoys traveling to different places in local trains without a ticket, and she’s been to holy places too.

Everyone’s goal is to earn, be happy and feed the family.It’s just that the occupation we choose is varied. Is the people working 9 am- 5 pm under someone for salary at the end of the month different from these. Maybe we should think about it.

“Do not have pity, have respect”.


Swathi Sree

I am too much passionate about being creative. I take up challenges and do not hesitate to meet new people and have great learnings from them. I look up for opportunities and new tasks instead of getting settled for what I have.I am a pack of surprises and love.

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