Waking up in the Morning a Solution to all your problems?!!!

Remember when the last time you went to your parents with a problem and they replied with the solution of getting up early in the morning. Well, I hate to break this to you but they aren’t entirely wrong. Being a night owl myself it is the last thing I want to admit, but it’s a fact. Waking up early leads to

Body-Clock: A hormone called Melatonin maintains an internal body-clock. The secretion of this hormone depends on the sunlight entering the body hence, waking up on time is necessary for our body to sync its internal clock with the external one.

Insomnia: One of the downsides to being a night owl is we get less sleep than the person who wakes up early. As all of us have more or less similar working day hours, so when early risers rise we sleep and in the few hours that they do their chores we try to catch up on our sleep. This leads to unfinished chores at the end of the day (which we obviously hate) and also we feel sleepy throughout the day. This sleep deprivation can cause insomnia, or even SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is a mental disorder.

Time for To Do List: And needless to since we feel more active and energised (due to complete sleep) we can finish more work in less time with more efficiency than before. Extra time in the busy weekday mornings is nothing short of a boon. We can find the time to do jogging, exercising, yoga, cook breakfast, do your room before leaving for work and so much more by getting up early.

Quality Time: Meditation is the key to ultimate inner peace and satisfaction. And it is all about connecting with one’s self. If we wake up early then we can find the time to just sit back and introspect on our lives, we can re-connect with ourselves on various level. This will lead to the much sought after eternal bliss.

Productivity: Having said all of the above, we can very conveniently conclude that in all, our productivity gets enhanced by waking up early. We get to finish our daily chores on time with efficiency, we feel energised throughout the day, we stay healthy and fit, and we get to spend quality time with ourselves. All of this enhances our overall productivity. Also waking up early should be inculcated as a habit and as an experiment.

Ritwika Gautam

I am a dynamic person who likes change and even counts on it. I like taking up challenges that'll help me to expand my creative horizon and improve my professional ethic. I'm a scripturient who loves languages. I love to travel, read and try different cuisines. I'm also a football fan and like to cook occasionally. I have lived in most parts of North-India, including West-Bengal, East and West UP, Jharkhand, and I'm currently in Dehradun, Uttrakhand. I also have a nerd side, I'm doing B.Tech in CS and I love my course.

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