Vocal For Local: Micromax Makes Comeback In India

Micromax is all set to relaunch itself in handset electronic market with new series “in” #INForINDIA on November 3rd with the advertisement of “Cheeni Kum” (low sugar) and more Masala for a desi touch.

The announcement of comeback came on October 16th where Owner Rahul Sharma with “Aatmanirbhar” initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Once, Micromax ruled the Indian smartphone market like a king and was rated among the Top 10 all over the world. The advent of Chinese smartphones harmed the existing Indian smartphones brand. Indian kings like Micromax, Intex, Karbonn and lava were thrown out of their chairs due to similar specifications provided by their Chinese competitors at a cheaper price.

According to Live Mint, in 2014, Micromax’s office in Gurugram was at a competition with the fancies of Google and Facebook buildings. The multi-storeyed office in Phase V of Gurugram had open spaces, ample rooms, balconies and terraces where parties could be thrown.

In 2018, the company functioned only on a single floor in a common office complex of Phase IV in Gurugram. The earlier posh office was relocated to only a few cabins, far fewer employees who were quite cramped.

This indicates that the competition was too severe for the home-grown brands to last in the market. The fight for survival caused Intex and Micromax to shift towards other electronic markets such as audio, TV and home-appliances categories.

Today, Rahul Sharma, the owner of Indian brainchild and once tech-giant, shifted back to Phase V, where Micromax had its royal birth with an aim to relaunch, restart and revive the chair that the brand deserves in the smartphones market. Quoting Rahul Sharma “We want our old position back. That is the target; else we would not be making this comeback.”

The timing fits with the anti-Chinese or boycott Chinese wave due to political standoff at the Himalayan border. The geopolitical aggression with China and banning of several Chinese apps by Indian home ministry citing security reasons has created a public mood for self-reliance.

Rahul Sharma, in his short video, said “What happened at the border, that wasn’t right. I thought a lot. And now whatever I do, I will do for India.”

To back his brand, he also assured that companies return is not just aimed at cashing in on the sentiment but backed by feature-rich products with Rs 500 investment Research and Development, marketing and manufacturing.

Micromax smartphones are expected to be ranged between Rs 7,000-20,000 with performance-packed devices and optimum gaming option. The launch is just a few days away, and the market is already gearing up with speculations and hope.

Rahul Sharma, said “Life has given me another chance and Micromax is coming back.”

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