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Trump ’s Wonderland

The world has been going Trump-o-Mania since Donald Trump, President of The United States of America took over the presidential office. The world is sad and angry for the first time over a politician implementing his agendas from his presidential campaign. Trump’s restrictions on immigrants and refugees saw a lot of protests all over the world, especially from his own people.

Now he is all out to changing the immigration policy and H1B work visa issuance. The world is worried and even more than anyone India. Many Indians rely on this H1B work visa as a ticket to enter the USA. This move is to tackle the problem of unemployment of the people of America. Trump believes that outsourcing jobs should be reduced and more people of their country should be employed especially in the IT sector where we have a lot of Indians working. It is being said that the visa will only be issued to people with a Masters degree. The proposal has not yet been passed as an executive order but the people from different countries are fearing they would be left stranded.

Protests against Trump
Source: Washington Post

A lot of Indian based firms like Tata Consultancy Service (TCS), Infosys, Wipro and many others having been supplying skilled workers to a lot of companies in America. Many software engineers who had aspired to work for the companies in the country are questioning their future plans. A lot of students are reconsidering studying in the USA as they scared that their visas might get rejected, leaving them stranded in a foreign land. A lot of Indians have requested the Indian Government to look into the matter. The good thing is that they have decided to increase the salary of the H1B visa holders to $130,000 (if you miraculously get a job there). This could also mean that the companies would stop hiring people from other countries since it would reduce their profits.

The implementation of this proposed visa could mean that the companies would start establishing their bases in other countries. The effects of this would depend on the details listed in the bill. Only time will tell if the fruit of this seed is bitter or sweet.


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