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Trump, Triumph and Trial

The man who has precisely changed the formation of an English Idiom, from-‘Talk of the Town’ to ‘Talk of the World’ by being ‘One’, is ready to swear in as the 45th US President. Donald Trump successfully has maintained his persistence as a grapevine around the globe. Right from the time, he stepped into the election campaign, to a new species named after him, to who is performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration; Mr. President Elect remained the centre of attraction. On the soon ‘to be’ historical date of the year- “20-January-2017”, Donald Trump’s, Trump card would be officially recognized as a Triumph, and so now is the time to visualize the enactment of the trial.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

A video issued by Donald Trump explicitly layouts and explain his policy plans for first 100 days in office, in which, he is set to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on the first day in office, by calling it “a potential disaster”.
The developed countries that fall under TPP, like Japan, Australia etc. are feared to get hit by the severe adversity of US dismantling their Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  • Japan’s Prime Minister warned that the TPP would be “meaningless” without US participation.
  • Australia’s prime minister reinforced support for the TPP, stressed the importance of the agreement as a “strategic commitment”.
  • However, countries like China is set to grab the opportunity created out of this alienation. In spite the fact that evidently, the TPP was created to counter China’s influence in international trade.

Soon, China may emerge as the ‘Trade ruler’ in Asia. Speaking at the World Economic Forum, a panel of regional experts said Asia must be prepared for the world in which the United States will take a back seat in global trade while China assumes a bigger leadership role.

  • With such favorable hunches inclining towards China, what impact it will have on India, is an important question that needs to be answered. Fortunately, Trade experts believe that a withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is likely to increase focus on RCEP agreement and WTO trade deals, eventually benefitting India.

Effects on global economy

Mr. Trump’s victory in the American election has provoked huge uncertainty and has jolted the global financial markets. As even a miniature decision taken by Trump is likely to create mammoth turbulence in ‘world economy’.

China- Trump is on his way to label China as a currency manipulator. He will bring cases against Beijing to the World Trade Organization and will consider imposing a 45% tariff on Chinese imports into the US to make it easier for American companies to compete.

Europe (excluding Britain)- Keeping in consideration that euro zone is heavily reliant on exports as a source of growth, US call on the same may hamper it badly. To do so, US can go for more restrictive trade regime and also, if a weaker dollar drives up the euro on the foreign exchanges situation may worsen.

Britain: Trump has said the UK will be at the front of the queue for a new trade deal. This would be helpful to Theresa May, who has been struggling to show that the UK can clinch its own trade deals after it leaves the EU.

Reversal of Obama effect

Whether it is about the critical condition of Obamacare’s future or Reversal of U.S. Climate Policy to other similar annulments, Trump is on his marks to undo most of Obama’s legacy.


President-elect is packed with his gimmicks to direct the department of labor to investigate immigration visa abuse.

With Trump’s ‘chief immigration pledge’ it is Mexico, who has the most to lose from the new Republican president. According to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Trump may even use his executive power to commence his most controversial project, of building a wall along the border with Mexico.

   ‘Abki Baar Trump Sarkar’

Trump has been foreseen as good news for India by many experts. Recently, Shalabh Kumar (Indian Trump advisor, the bridge between Trump and Modi) proclaimed that Donald Trump will be No.1 Pro-India President. Also with his recent tweet, he assured of a strategic alliance between India and the US. We have already seen a fringe-group like the Hindu Sena celebrating Donald Trump as its hero, or Mumbai’s Vishnudham temple performing a ‘yagna’ for the controversial billionaire’s victory in the US.

With his regime coming into force, soon Trump’s strong statement’s validation will be unveiled and people will come to know that either they have ‘Won’ the election or ‘lost’ their country.

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