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Triple Talaq “Not Just A Debate But Emotional Chaos”

In the country where animals are worshipped in the same country Muslim women and their identity is being crushed, they are being treated like prey. The Muslim personal law has provided the wrong people with the right to water this inhuman activity.

Is this not tearing the self-respect of women?? People who are fighting against female foeticide are actually using triple talaq as a weapon of destroying the future of not only the mothers but also their innocent children. This is no way contributing to the development of the country. Our prime minister also expressed his concerned towards Muslim women. Women are getting emotional insecure, and their respect is a very delicate issue when it comes to a country openly supporting the women empowerment flag. So it is essential that the well-wishers of the society take this matter crucially. The men must realise soon that the women and children are the actual foundations of their happiness.

The most important thing a woman carries is her womanhood which has nothing to do with her religion. Muslim law is basically the emotionless sword that is injuring women’s emotions, her security and her identity at large.

Change is mandatory when we actually can very well see that the law and logic which was the base of the Muslim community earlier is not apt today. Today women are not furniture of the houses rather they have started thinking about themselves, their lives and their security.

Triple Talaq
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Her commitment doesn’t get its due and her emotions are trashed when the law takes such harsh decisions. Today the scenario has changed more and more women are getting educated and taking their stand in every field possible with utmost confidence. They are getting more clear regarding their rights, on the other side of the wall widow remarriage and talaq is giving the hypocrites a way how they can exploit these innocent ladies. This is shameful for people who regard themselves the citizens of a developing nation, men should understand that if they are trying such a thing with their wives it is very much possible that their sisters and daughters too will be facing the same. The time for change has come, we have realised that women are no longer going to allow the society to exploit them.

Prime minister Modi said in context with triple talaq that, “When Raja Ram Mohan Roy had commented regarding widow remarriage, he was discouraged widely but he did not lose hope and fought for the correct thing and made it possible.”

He requested the Muslim society to find a solution to this problem and said that he is hopeful one among the people will emerge and put an end to this practice.

He reminded the people, “ Years earlier the women have been provided freedom to speak for their rights. One among the educated Muslim will definitely come up with a solution not only for the country but for all places where women security is being played with.”

PM Modi said, “ The society must be free from untouchability and caste system. The upper strata and the lower strata difference must reduce as these are the quintessence of a democracy. Unbiased development is the need of the hour, taking everyone together, with everybody’s effort, everyone’s development is possible.”

Jai Hind !!

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