Transforming Future And Expanding Your Horizon

India is the country which has the second largest pool of Scientist and Engineers in the world. Then why is it still termed as a developing country? The reason behind this tragedy is the lack of passion for engineering or medicine. Students usually take up these streams due to their parents forcing them into it or they don’t even know about the other options available. Being bought in an Indian family, most of us had to face same drama.

Many of the students still aren’t aware of various types of fields out there. This ends up creating robots rather than graduates.Our society expects most of the people to make a one-time profession choice, which is totally absurd as among zillion professions, finding the right one will definitely take some time. Even after finding out your skill most of the students, under pressure from the society give up their dreams. As Aamir Khan had said, “If Sachin Tendulkar’s dad had told him to sing and Lata Mangeshkar’s dad had forced her to play cricket, imagine where they would’ve been right now.” Only you can take up the stand for your dreams and at the end you alone have to achieve it. Rather than being trapped for decades in some profession you don’t even like, now is the time to figure out the kind of future you want.

The ideal way to find a great career is by following your passion. Most of the successful people from Salman Rushdie to Steve Jobs are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. Just think deeply about what truly motivates you and you’ll realize your true calling.Think back to the time when you had different interests and what made them change over the passing years. This all means you still have time to make mistakes while trying to figure out where your true potential lies.

Gauri Jare

Hey, my name is Gauri Jar I'm studying Computer Engineering and right now in the first year. I am just another average teenager who thinks she can write. I spend most of my time in reading dystopian books, watching TV series and listening to Kpop music.

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