To Dear Husband

Dear Husband

I have married you and it’s okay if i ended in smoke with your parents or if they do not like me. Is it universally realistic to please everyone you are with? Marrying your partner’s family is a terrible decision which doesn’t make any sense. I do not disagree with the fact that love can change things, but conditions applied : it is truly LOVE.

Dear Husband

You had no such thing as family pressure , neither you were crying for the moon. your mother had no such power as ” let’s rob the sperm and produce a grandchild”. You needed, a pillar? I am there, you needed love ? I give all i have. You needed, sex? Let us not talk about it . Then why our love is on its last legs? why can’t you help me build my dreams? why don’t you grab me and tell me I am the prettiest, when you know it’s true. why cant you agree that no one could have been better?

Dear Husband

My father has treated me like a princess because I deserved to be treated like one. This doesn’t mean, I am incapable of doing something I want to , an inevitable fact. Understand this and stop yelling at me too much. I have the same vocal cords, but they prefer to be at peace many a times.

Dear Husband

Criticizing me , cheating on me would get you nowhere but i land in an ocean of doubts about myself. Stop shunning away from your responsibilities because down the lane I will be the only one kissing your forehead and holding your hand.

Dear Husband

Today tomorrow and forever I can only promise to be your lover and not your wife , you can atleast promise to be my husband . lets have a cup of chai over this and give me a chance to tell you how much you mean to me .

Dear Husband


Your Lover …

Aashna Shah

A 21-year-old Chica who believes in the power of laughter. An ecstatic person who loves to play with words. Travel and food being her life she says be a person with certain set of attitudes.

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