Times change and we with time! the story of a Physiognomic

“Time doesn’t remain to be what it was in the past”

There can be a lot of bits and pieces on one’s past. Life is a jigsaw puzzle and it has a lot of pieces. These pieces are scattered over a life span of the person and the possible outcomes of the pieces or instances can be a 50-50 toss. Hence, it can be hard to figure out how did it all start or from where did it all start. “Still if I try to go back in my past and analyze, I would say my life was spent in multiple cities and schools. So every time we changed places, simultaneously my social circle kept changing. This change was not what I liked, I was always alienated,” said Shikhar Shrivastav, a ‘Physiognomic’photo

Before we explore his life, let me tell you a little more about him. He reads faces, he is a psychologist. With serenity in his tone, he can convince you to move mountains. He is a fan of DC comics, star trek, Marvel comics and any fictional movie with superheroes! He owns a website for online counseling. He provides solutions to all the problems back in the mind. That’s a small brief about him. PS: I’m a DC comic and marvel fan as well 😀
Moving on…

Moving on… From rich to poor. From metros to cities and many other qualities and qualifications of people came forward to be an integral part of my observation.

He says, “when other kids of his age played out in the sun, he was busy shifting and encountering new faces. Eventually observing and analyzing become his friends for life.”

As a consequence of this, his life slowly was getting invested in the world of psychology. Unlike his cousins, he never spent 14-15 years of schooling in one single school. He says social isolation gave him more space to meticulously observe others. One more thing that contributed to his dream profession was ‘the numerous people he had to face, who belonged to different categories, different financial strata’s. Sooner or later his passion was to become a physiognomic.

I asked the physiognomic if he didn’t get frustrated or depressed because of the surroundings, he with a very calm tone replied,” Initially I was frustrated, irritated and probably depressed at times. Not much driven towards life and its various aspects.”

Although he was depressed or frustrated, he till date doesn’t understand how he got himself out of all this. Perhaps he got out of it very efficiently and never let all of this interfere into his life or the mind. His family helped him cope with the frustration. When I asked him about the family finding it fine for him to not become a doctor or engineer but a psychiatrist , he answered – No one raised a finger on his decision because they thought his life was precious and he had to choose the path. He never had the idea of becoming a psychologist in his wildest of wild dreams.


He mostly counsels girls, he finds it easier because they aren’t fussy and fidgety about things. He says, older people feel they need an experienced person to consult. This is not a matter, though, however, confidence matters at the end. While chatting with him, I asked him if age was a matter these days? He humbly replied,” yes, it matters at least in my profession”.

This man has a great deal of patience and ideas. He can handle what all of us fear- stress and depression. To be this effective at a very young age makes a lot of difference! Keep it going and aim for the sky!

Towards the end of the discussion when I asked him about his marital status he shied away and answered the physiognomic ‘no I don’t think I’m fit enough to marry someone and spoil her life, once I become stable and mentally fit for this, I will surely find a girl of my dreams!!’.

When a bird ensures it’s freedom, that’s when it decides to choose its own path. He almost lived isolated from the world, for him there existed no friends. He moved over to places every single year, the instability in life made him live alone. Be it school or home he lived all by himself.

So, that’s about him- a physiognomic who’s very talented, young and aspiring mind- Shikhar Shrivastav!

Chetna Bhora

Fun loving, writer, poet, photographer and an avid reader. Observation and analysis define me. Love for nature and animals is infinite. A journalism student from Chennai. An immense lover of thriller and crime stories. Love for Batman is beyond universe! A motivator, encourager of talent and art, does here and there counselling. Life is too short YOLO, so live it to the fullest!

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