TIKTOK – Fan to Ban Story

TikTok, a media app for making and sharing short videos, is also known as Douyin in China. In China, it was launched in September 2016 as Douyin and it entered the overseas market a year later as TikTok. Its parent company overtook musical.ly on 9 November 2017 and a year later merged the two apps. The App got 800 million downloads worldwide and a lot of actors and models have also joined the app.

In the last one year or so, the app became really famous in India and the progress was supported by the internet, which is now available so readily. Many youngsters are getting engaged in making videos and sharing them on social media for “temporary fame.” But is this app taking these youngsters somewhere or this is just destroying their future? We can only get the answer after we know what effect does this “temporary fame” creates on everyone’s mind.

According to a DigiDay report, 50 percent of Musical.ly’s (now TikTok) user base was between the ages of 13 and 24 and according to an ANI report, around 25% of total downloads are from India. And it is not just that they are wasting their time in making such videos, but it is a platform receiving a lot of abusive and sexually harassing content. TikTok has its content easily available to strangers, and anyone can simply comment anything on anyone’s video, which makes it even worse. People abusing the ones they don’t like and sexually harassing the young girls in comments is the ‘trend’ you can see on TikTok. Other social media have kept people’s content private which helps them avoid receiving such comments.

That is not all, with some of the challenges going on, these youngsters even put their life at stake. A lot of accidents occurred while these youngsters were trying to complete some stupid challenge

Keeping all these points in mind, the Madras High Court has asked the Centre to put a ban on this app. The court said that “It encourages Pornography.” And this is not the first time that a country is seeking a ban on TikTok, previously, Indonesia banned it and it faced a lot of criticism in the US for the same reason.

As we know, India’s population mostly consists of youth and youth being distracted and getting affected by such stuff is wrong in every sense, so India should go ahead with the ban so that our country can be saved from future destruction.

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