Those Faraday Girls – A Review

Have you ever looked for a book that has both chicklit and emotional elements in it? A book that houses destinations which are an epitome of beauty? And mostly, a book whose characters are soulful, yet as complex as a spider’s web? If yes, then ‘Those Faraday Girls’ is, without a doubt, the right pick for you.

It is a compelling story of five sisters, a father and a grand-daughter living together and reflecting the memories of a dead woman who was seemingly once, a crucial part of their lives. The girls loved their father and he loved them back. Only, theirs was a different kind. Theirs was a love wrapped with sugar-coated lies, a love filled with decisions and delusions. A love with a trail of secrets behind it.

Source: www.monicamcinerney.com
Source: www.monicamcinerney.com

In her emotion-filled curations, Monica McInerney never fails to add a dash of travel to the very nature of her characters. Australia, Ireland, Singapore, London and The States are the frequently mentioned destinations in her books ‘Faraday Girls’, ‘The Alphabet Sisters’, ‘Taste For It’ and ‘Family Baggage’. Hence, it could be an ideal read for someone who is on the look-out for all things exotic (and all things emotional.)

Source: www.amazon.com
Source: www.amazon.com

Yet another striking feature about the author’s books is how soothingly women-centric her writings are. Books like ‘Those Faraday Girls’ with their feminine, soft natured covers to the unimaginable plots and twists, will inspire you to change something about your life for the good and maybe for the better.

The structure and design of all of Monica McInerney’s books are extremely distinctive yet, undemanding in the sense that it would not get anyone worked up. The book allows its readers to relish it, and in this process, it becomes unforgettable.

In her stories, Monica lets every line, every word gracefully slips through the pages to reach the innermost coils of our hearts. She treats sorrow as a luxury, and imagination as her beloved guest.

Source: www.goodreads.com
Source: www.goodreads.com

Hence, one can effortless derive from the novel how some disillusionments could happen for the best. It also majorly focuses on decision making and how the decisions of each member of the family affect the entire lot. The author Monica McInerney in all her stories, questions the inevitable yet fragile human relations and the very truths about life.

‘Those Faraday Girls’ and several such pieces by the author takes one on a unique exploration of bonds and ties,  hence making the reader a quintessential part of the family and its bitter-sweet hooligans.

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