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This Is How The Modern World Lives.

The life in today’s contemporary world is moving at a brisk pace where everything has been automated due to technological advancement and the evolution of the techniques. The continuous to and fro with no intervals has transformed the peaceful and cheery life into a low-spirited and downcasted one. The quality of life has deteriorated in the modern world with regards to happiness and the ability to cater to one’s social needs, which is one of the crucial aspects of the desired life.

Work-Life around the World

When talked in the domain of the workspace, happiness at work has always been a critical factor in driving the workforce to work efficiently and effectively. It directly affects their work performance, which helps an organisation to achieve its objectives.

Job satisfaction goes hand in hand with happiness. In other words, when an employee is satisfied with his job, happiness follows. Various means are adopted by modern organisations to imbibe a sense of affinity among the employees. Some of which are friendly work culture, career development through specified training, various financial as well as non-financial incentives, and more. It boosts not only the confidence but also the fulfilment of employees towards their job.

Even after these measures being taken, despair and gloominess have marked an adamant scar among the employees. The main reason stated is the excessive work pressure they face. Completion of work on/before time deadlines no matter what, has been proved one of the underlying cause for the declining mental health.

The competition to not only survive but also to outshine others also aggravates the situation. On top of it, the absence of fellow friends who believe, support and cheer makes the whole 9-5 job an unfortunate affair.

Confucius said that “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. The recent survey showed a clear picture demonstrating the shift towards a more satisfying work culture among the Indian employees.

The young employees are more driven by enthusiasm and competence, which comprise a significant part of India’s population. Despite being paid less in their initial stage, they are always optimistic about their work. They are in the pursuit of catching any opportunity to channelise their energy into productive work. Looking towards the global scenario, the workforce is not much appeased, and thus, the happiness levels are also declining.

The UK currently has the lowest ranking for job satisfaction and happiness in the western world, resulting in no pleasure. High expectations of employees over there, which make their job merely a source of income, rather than a work they aspire to do. Due to their hectic life and strict deadlines, the health of the employees is also sinking. All these will have an impact on their joyful lives.

The unhappiness prevails among the employees despite the handsome amount of salary paid. This leads to people switching to other jobs of their interest, without looking into the monitory aspect. The quality of life may be seen enriching looking into the affordability and bank balances. However, it shows the harsh reality when the happiness levels are tapped.

Is your work a tiring experience? Do you work only for monetary benefits? Are you happy with your work-life balance? Well, with the daily hustle and bustle of life, these questions are left unanswered.

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