“There is nothing between Me and Farhan” – Shraddha Kapoor

Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor who is in the lead role of Rock On 2, said in an interview that she gets upset when people talk about her personal life and not her work. A few days back roomers were in the market about her link-ups with film actor Aditya Roy Kapoor and now she is linked with Farhan Akthar.

Shraddha said, “I feel that link up rumours are not fair to an actor because we focus so much on our work and work hard for giving a good performance in our films. I feel why certain journalist writes about the link up. Is this the only way to get the article read. I think it’s very unfair”.

“We meet reporters to discuss our work and I think reporters should be responsible when they write about us. I don’t know where these link ups rumours come from. Because at the end of the day again we have to clarify such things. I don’t think we should give clarifications. People who watch my films and I think that is not right. People should focus on movies but humare ghar bhi parents hain jinko hum answerable hain. I am very much single and happy to romance with my films,” she added.

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