The Unconventional Story This Time – Phillauri Trailer Review

Bored of similar plotted romantic movies?? Those same love trios, the usual stories?? So here’s a refreshing, quirky and some unconventional plot coming up to give you the high “spirits”.

Yes, Anushka Sharma is coming up with her co-produced film “ Phillauri” starring Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh and Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi fame) in the leading roles. The movie is set in Phillauri, Punjab and is being produced under the banner of Fox Star Studios and Clean Slate Films and is set to release on 24th march and is directed by Anshai Lal. Anushka is playing a friendly spirit in the movie. The intriguing portrayal of some interesting and an unconventional plot is making the trailer interesting.

The trailer begins with Suraj Sharma being declared ‘Maanglik’ and therefore needs to marry a tree (a common practice to ward off evil forces). However, a ghost stuck in the tree (Anushka Sharma) begins haunting him, claiming she was on that tree and hence, he is now married to her.

Phillauri Movie
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Also on being asked about her some unfulfilled desire, the plot goes in the flashback of time. Where Diljit Dosanjh playing a singer in the movie who’s got a magical voice and for the same went on some journey, which leads Anushka heartbroken and with some unfulfilled desire in life.

The comical punches from Anushka like “me to paidaishi bhoot hu” and the pleasing romantic background of Diljit and Anushka’s love story is a treat to eyes. Therefore, the story already gives you chills and at the same time leaves you with the curiosity to unfold the secret. It seems to be a promising, light-hearted and high on content romcom stuff with the additional treat of Diljit’s voice in the movie.

Watch the trailer for yourself and find out:

Therefore, all that we have to do is to wait for the movie to release.

And undoubtedly Anushka here is totally “ A Bride In High Spirits”!!!

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