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The Truth about Board Exams

Months of preparation, days of hard work, every minute of toiling endlessly and then suddenly it all comes to an end and then at that moment you realise no matter what was done, or what more could be done, doesn’t matter an ounce now, because there is nothing that can be done to change it.

You get good marks, you are happy, your family is happy and your relatives are probably faking happiness too, thinking how they could have taunted you if you scored less but now have nothing to do but appreciate you.

On the other hand, if you get less marks when you still put in the same amount of hard work, you are devastated, disappointed and probably disgusted with how unfair life is. Your parents are not so happy with your performance and as for your relatives, they have found another reason to glee over your so-called useless existence.

But ask yourself something, does it really matter? What does the society think of us? What the selfish relatives think of us? Or even what our parents think of us? True, is the fact that parents want us to be successful, they care for our well-being, they want us to be happy, but also true is the fact, that they are brainwashed into believing that less marks in boards results in an unsuccessful future which are not true! Every individual is different, then why the method of testing their intelligence is the same? Think. If Virat Kohli was asked by his parents to join a high-tech engineering company, would he still be that successful? Or bill gates was forced by his father to join law like himself rather than chasing his dreams, would he still be the richest man in the world?

Our choices are what that differentiates us from others, if everyone made the same choices,had the same tastes and the only goal in life was to receive the highest marks in board exams, then what would happen to all the creativity, the ingenuity that is found in the unlikeliest of people?

The result of board exams is not an end to your life or career or future, Don’t let anyone make you realize that. People who get good marks while probably studying less than what you did are not gifted they just have different interests. There is quite a possibility that you can beat them at something you are good at. Getting admission in the top colleges is not that important after all many of the victors of the world who did great things were college dropouts though agreed they were dropouts from prestigious colleges.

To all the people who scored well in their examination. My heartiest congratulations. May you all achieve what you worked so hard for in all these months gone by. Go get your dream college and thrive to make your future successful.

To all the people who did not score that well in their examination. Sit back, take a deep breath and think of your options which do NOT include SUICIDE or any other ways to harm yourself. Life is not over! Think about what you excel in, whether they are sports or writing or art or even cooking. Then try to convince your parents on how you will do better in the fields of your choice rather than the one you chose under ‘society’ pressure. They are your parents, they will understand. Try to make them understand. Go for what you love or you will regret it later. Or give your exams a second time, try your best and watch how the results make everyone happy.

Remember, if you are successful in life, people will never even think of what you got in your board exams. Why? Because they cease to matter if you excel in the field you chose. Ripu Daman Handa is one of the many perfect examples of this, to people who don’t know him, he is known for his cooking skills which won him appreciation from world-renowned chefs. Was he ever asked about his results? I don’t think so. Do people judge his cooking on those marks? I don’t think so. People don’t care about your marks if you are successful enough. Whether you score high marks or low marks, no will care in future if you become successful. I repeat NO ONE.

But if you are so full of yourself, that you did not even study for your exams and then probably like to say that we are meant for greater things and stuff like that. I am sorry then, this kind of attitude will take you nowhere. Strive for the greater things in life while trying for everything.

Try and work hard, no matter what your field is and success will come rushing to kiss your feet.

Moksha Jain

Perfectly flawed , very fond of fiction and travelling.

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