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The Model Housewife

Perhaps no other phrase conjures up such a ponderous impression than a ‘good housewife.’ Those who hear it are often left wondering what the connotation means. In the current world of aspirational goals and ever expanding view of freedom and contentment, hearing this has become quite a rarity.

People have refrained from talking about the role of the female spouse in a marriage in terms of adhering to commonly accepted and expected norms. This is done with a view to ensure that the issue of equality of the genders is addressed.

When a woman says that she hopes to assume the role of a ‘proper housewife’, she is looked at with a peculiar notion. It somehow seems to portray a woman in a subjugated position. People at large look upon that as reverting backwards after all the talk of Fundamental rights. She is seen in a different light. Why is this so?

The role of a housewife is seen as one that is based on dependence. The breadwinner of the house is seen as the provider. The housewife is seen as one who is supported financially. However, what is not seen is the multitasking maven who runs the household as a well-oiled machine by ensuring that all the requirements of the family members are fulfilled.

When feminism has become a controversial topic of discussion and accusations of using the gender card fly around, it becomes an added responsibility to know what equality stands for. It means respecting the choice of a person. Be it on a professional or personal front. So, the next time you hear a woman say that she wants to a housewife, take a moment to appreciate those selfless sacrifices that many women make consciously for the benefit of the family.

Maalavika Giridharan

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