Sex Education
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Sex-education is often an ignored subject and is not something that is openly and candidly discussed in the households. While it may be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, it is a necessity that should be addressed. There is often a misconception that by ignoring it, somehow with time queries are answered automatically. However, in the need to get the questions answered the person could reach out to unreliable sources and be misinformed. More often than not, it is the case.

With the access to information and the exposure that is part and parcel of living in the digitised world, it becomes imperative that sex education is given attention to. Adolescents are exposed to a wide variety of content that is risqué and sexual in nature. The portrayal provides an unrealistic view on what a healthy relationship will provide. There are many altered visuals and graphic images that are not the appropriate representation of consummation.

It is evident that the lack of furnishing of information has resulted in a distorted view on what intimacy is about. Certain newspapers are filled with columns that have people writing about their problems and doubts and most of them are bizarre and absurd.

Sex Education should be comprehensive in covering various aspects such as the anatomy, consent, sexual activity, reproductive health, hygiene etc. While it is understandable that it is a private issue and a question of morality, these are all the more reasons why it should be discussed in a comfortable capacity. Any misguided notions need to be dispelled to ensure that there is no stigma attached to it. It is a basic right to be well informed in order to take better care of oneself and be responsible individuals of the society. Unrealistic expectations and preconceived assumptions lead to an unhealthy approach towards sexuality. It is important to discuss it responsibly. After all, it is not just the birds and the bees!