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Technology overtaking human touch

Technology and it’s overuse have evident pros n cons. Let’s start with what exactly we understand by technology and the actual purpose of bringing it into everyday use or misuse? As we all relate to it as a medium of advancement, the core idea of using latest technology was to get solutions to problems in the existing system meant for useful activities be it any sphere of work or to keep connected with known ones.

Gradually it started to dominate the market with its easy access and affordability gives away a feeling of being with the time especially among youngsters who like to be updated, this transformed into a huge market platform waiting to take any or every possible idea that meets the demand.

All this almost brought a revolution into IT sector and different software’s were loaded to capture the heat. In the time where there is a huge demand for information and entertainment, a lot of experiment comes into the picture to analyse what exactly can fill the vacuum in search of a direction to launch and reap long term benefits. Eventually, it becomes a cycle, products which were created or selling well starts to find ways looking for or create a bigger market and multiply profit which leads to produce more similar stuff.

Now we will talk about the pros and cons of dwelling deep into this age of smartphones or computers. As I mentioned above it is one of the fastest modes to connect to the rest of the world so best it is used for is marketing be it an idea, product or making revolutions which can land into an epidemic following unethical grounds.

For example, if smartphones or computers are used for education purpose, productive information through websites, different apps or downloads that leaves you smarter with little efforts and expenses by easy availability and access to the internet. One of the easiest way to utilise free time. Even for entertainment it is vastly used and highly in demand. It is often used to spread the word over an issue with an intention to find quick and best resolution possible by the help of a connected and reliable community.

The negative aspect of it is since it is easily available among all age groups; there is much unauthentic and extremely harmful content available in such open and easily accessible platform and even more difficult to be tracked. That can be due to personal or professional enmity or just by accident. By the time one can check or claim the authenticity it spreads wide across to make nonreplicable damage, such is the speed of the internet.

Most often young growing ups are targeted as they are not mature enough to check though the authenticity or morality of the account. They can be lured easily and hence are the easy target, other major concern is the misuse of data on the internet because of the vast culture of social media and various communities like school, college-universities, religious or other political groups. The trend to share more info on the internet can be as much of bliss as a disaster.

One of the other biggest challenges is that it kills a lot of your quality time over distantly matters. It has almost turned human being into robots who believe in capturing every moment to share and feel connected even though they know nothing about the moment they captures because the entire focus is shifted from learning or sharing insights to propagating selfie and creating ripples for superficial reasons. Hence it won’t be wrong to say technology can make or break even those who make or break other’s on a much larger scale.

Seema Nautiyal

Hi, I am Seema from Noida, have been working as an entrepreneur for last few years. Reading and writing are my old time affairs, going more serious with time! Enjoying them thoroughly! hoping to add a lot more sense to it :-) ;-)

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