Tarot Reading 23rd November 2020 – 29th November 2020

Aries (21 March –19 April)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

You are very curious to know the best plan of investment, and you want to earn money quickly. You are advised to consider every single option, weigh pros and cons and then invest. Don’t go for short cuts just because they are lucrative. You must with full conviction invest some amount not whole. Take baby steps and be fully prepared for losses as well because you want to invest in share market, and the share market is a place where ups and downs keep happening all the time. This kind of investment is always a risk so be fully prepared of losing also if you have made full plans of investing in this market.

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

If you are extremely sad about what happened to your friend recently and you are too crying along with her/him, then know that all is not lost. There is much emotional upheaval in this situation, and everyone involved is unhappy, but you have to accept the things they are and still find a way out of this sadness. This grief is there to stay for some more time, but with your help and her/his family’s help, your friend will eventually come out of it.

Be optimistic about your friend’s health and life and fill her/him with positive vibes because it is your efforts and this friend’s immediate family’s help she/he will come out of this situation. Remember that tough time never last, but tough people do. Always encourage and motivate your friend and be sympathetic to her/him in her/his worst days.

Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

This is an extremely unsettling phase for you. A lot of ups and downs are happening and will keep on happening for some more days. For now the future looks cloudy to you because problems surround you, but you must also know that the more you surrender to the issues, the more you will fall in the rabbit hole.

It is better for you to defend yourself and everything important to you and start again with a fresh approach towards life. Be strong and face your ups and downs bravely and courageously, and you shall pass this time in a better way than expected.

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

If you are on judicial post, and you are stuck in a situation where you don’t know where to go, do the right thing. You most probably know what the right path is for you, but there are other factors which are playing a crucial role in distracting and confusing you to do that right thing.

You must not be influenced by other things that are luring you because you are in a crucial position work-wise and people expect you to be just and fair. Be firm and deliver justice. Also, the stability you are seeking in your life will is on the way and until then keep your spirits high.

Remember that all days are not the same. Things will change in your favour in the time to come, and you will be able to share your victory with others.

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

You are working hard in your career, but you feel as if someone else is taking the credit. There are several people, in fact, at your workplace who are competing with each other, and you are not like them, but you feel bad when you miss out with opportunities. You compromise.

In this case, you are being advised to be firm and brave enough to deal with them. You feel powerless in front of them, and hence you are depressed. You have the power with you, and you are strong enough to give those colleagues a good fight at your workplace. You don’t have to fight with them literally, but you have to stand up for yourself surely.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

Things are churning at a fast rate, and you are getting the heat of so much happening around you. You find yourself in a place where you have many responsibilities, and you don’t know how to get rid of them. These are the responsibilities you never asked from anyone, but somehow you have them on your shoulders.

You haven’t said no to anyone who gave you these things to do, and now you are stuck. You must give away half of your work to others who don’t have anything to do. Be brave and share your workload with others. Don’t hesitate to delegate your work to others, and don’t repeat this mistake. Learn to say “No”, and you will not have to go through the same thing again.

Libra (23 September – 22 October)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

You are on the threshold of starting your own business, and you have found someone special as well. You want to give it a chance, but you are overthinking and hesitating. This is because you didn’t want to fall in love considering your past experience.

You must know that love will keep coming in your life because somewhere you want to share your life with someone special. You are hesitating and thinking a lot, because of which you are on the verge of losing this particular person.

Stop hesitating and don’t delay confessing your love to the special person; otherwise you will repent later in life. Don’t let your love go away from you. It doesn’t happen every day that you meet with such a particular person. Don’t stop yourself from love.

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

Although on the surface you are happy and you care for others a lot, but inside you are in pain because of your broken heart. You have been through a difficult breakup, but you don’t let anyone know about it.

You must share your feelings with your colleagues and/or other friends who are close to you, and you do have a good friend circle.

Share with your close friends, and they will hear you out and will help you in getting over with this phase. You might not realise today, but this break up happened for your good, and this realisation might help you feel better.

Move on from your past and try to lessen your pain by sharing your feelings with friends and colleagues. You will feel better.

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

You want to change your field of interest since a long time, but your family is sceptical about your growth in a completely different area. They think you are making a great mistake by losing a lucrative job for another opportunity which will not pay you that well because you will start from the scratch. But contrary to what they feel, you are very assured that you are on the right track and this new field of interest is the right path for you.

If you want to do it, you have to communicate with every family member what you exactly feel and better communication will help you gain the confidence of your family members. There may be more obstacles on the way, but you must not be afraid of them instead begin a new chapter of your life with great confidence and positivity.

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

You are very strong, and you don’t express yourself emotionally. You control your emotions so much that nothing deters you. While this attribute of yours is acceptable in specific ways, you still must try to express yourself with little emotions if not much.

You are way to seemingly cold-hearted, and this behaviour of yours is a little mechanical and is not suitable for you because it is in extremes. Becoming entirely out of touch with your emotions will make you a robot and not a human being.

Express yourself adequately with emotions and try to understand others because you struggle to empathise with people, including your family members and friends as well. Try to come out of the invisible shield that you have created for yourself, so that you don’t become emotional.

A little emotion is always healthy, and this trait in excess will make more machine than a human being. Think over it and change yourself a little if not much.

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

You are in a budding relationship where you are understood and taken care of. Although everything seems ok but there is still something that you must think about.

The fact that you are a giver and you give way too much in a relationship can make you prone to disappointment because since you provide a lot, you expect an equal response from the other side. You are also kind, and everyone might not be the same. Therefore try to do a little less because you have the tendency of going overboard with your partner and then you don’t get what you are giving, you get disappointed.

Try to have boundaries so that you are also giving as much as you are getting. This balance is essential. It is important to you and your relationship. Your partner is not wrong, but she/he is not like you, and that is fine. Just don’t give everything all at once and expect little. This will help your relationship as the scales will be balanced.

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Source: Ruhaniyath by Shefali

You are in the right direction, but you somehow feel trapped. This entrapment is mostly because of your thoughts; otherwise, there is nothing that you can’t do – even coming out from this entrapment is in your hands.

A lot is going in your favour, but you are not able to see it as you are mostly focusing on the bondages that are there, but you can willingly come out of them when you decide to come out from them.

Be so strong and determined that you will stop being a victim of circumstances, but instead, you will be the heroine/hero of your own life. You need inspiration to come out of the circumstances you are in. You have to become very strong and determined and ignore things that are pulling you down.

Don’t let people and circumstances overpower you. Otherwise, things are not that bad in your life as much as you think they are. Open your eyes and see how much life has to offer you.

Disclaimer: These are general readings, and everything may or may not resonate with everyone, so take whatever you resonate with and leave the rest.

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