Suicide Bomber Attacks Chinese Embassy In Bishkek

In Bishkek, the capital of the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, at the embassy of China, there has been a car bomb attack. Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Zhenish Razakov, mentioned that apart from the suicide bomber, no one else lost their life but three employees were severely wounded who were all citizens of Kyrgyzstan.

The car, which was seen speeding into the embassy’s gate before it exploded, did not injure any Chinese citizens who were working at the embassy. The American embassy‘s employees were also unharmed – this lies close to the Chinese embassy. The employees were quickly evacuated from the scene once they heard the explosion.

The nation of Kyrgyzstan has a Muslim majority population and many officials in the government have mentioned that close to five hundred citizens of the country have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which is known to be a terrorist organization. Political instability in the nation adds fuel to fire where activities like these to be kept on a check are often found to be difficult to detect.

The growing problem of ISIS and its attacks is causing a lot of trouble to innocent people because of their radical Islamic beliefs and the activities that they carry out. Many people from Syria have been displaced and have migrated to European countries as refugees.

In the past as well, there have been attacks on civilians and Chinese citizens have been targeted. But the authorities have claimed to foil many such attacks in the past.

In fact, the government of the United Kingdom warns tourists of travelling carefully to the country of Kyrgyzstan because of suspected terrorist activities.

Apart from keeping a constant check on suspicious activities, there needs to be political stability in the country which will ease situations like this. A strong leader will decide and implement policies related to security and defense which will protect the citizens.

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