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Social Media Is Controlling You Like A Puppet

Our ancient Vedic yuga had thoughtfulness as it’s base, it was that time when Chankya, Chandra Gupta, Guru Vashisht, Vishwa Mitra, Arya Bhatt and Kautilya all these people took their positions in the society, that is because their intelligence was not based on any outer source.

They use to do their research and study their topics themselves in order to know about them, but today social media is a humongous source of knowledge, truth and lie; logical and vain; for example cases in the courts are keenly observed by the people, some find it correct others find it wrong. Now is it not true that the azan in mosques had a monotony of their own and mere assertion of a person drew and provoked so many people’s attention. This has happened for so long now but this poking of a sensitive issue brought a new debate. So are we not puppets ??

As long as this was not brought in light none complained of hearing disorders or heart attacks but now suddenly a person says something about it and we begin encashing our complaint list too. So we are not thinking independently. Our thoughts, attitude and aptitude are depending on social media and the person serving it. The person who does this vomit of thoughts 24*7 and we grasp it conveniently without thinking about it properly. We have stopped thinking about the need to think, anything and everything draw our attention.

Today it is the Singham bride or the melodiously handsome or the issue regarding king Khan wherever we are turned we walk that way, we have been moulded with the information that is spread on social media. This is definitely reducing our intellectual capacity drastically. Which is also leading to the decrease in peace and humanity in society. Our mind has become a puppet and easily moulded by people’s thoughts and of those spread in the social media.

Chandrani Mishra

An aspiring engineer with Confidence vibrating around her, her sense of responsibility and meticulous rendition of duties makes her dear to both teachers and her peers. A skilled orator her diligence and smartness is the very quintessence of her character. Reading her magical remedy and writing her necessary flow of expression. She enjoys art in all forms and is always inquisitive to explore more. Open to whatever new comes her way, she loves to learn.

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