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Siddha, Yoga, And Naturopathy Authorized For COVID-19 Treatment In Tamil Nadu



Siddha, Yoga, And Naturopathy Authorized For COVID Treatment In Tamil Nadu

As the country continues its battle with COVID-19, the top three most affected states observe a steady increase in the number of cases. Tamilnadu, which recently moved to the second position, preceded by Maharashtra at first, recorded a total of 1,47,324 cases with over 4,500 new ones as of July 14.

The state’s capital, Chennai had recorded 15,814 active cases with 4,743 discharged patients.

Amidst the efforts of several medical researchers and doctors prescribing allopathic medicines for affected patients, small medical care centres set up all over the city, have been testing alternative measures like Siddha, and showing increasingly positive results.

The state government, taking note of the progress shown in the various Siddha centres, had recently authorized using Siddha as an accepted method of treating the COVID-19 says the report.

One such centre opened up at Jawahar Engineering College in Saligramam, recently gathered attention for having cured apparently over 1,000 infected patients, according to local news sources.

According to a report by Indian Express, Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan spoke about how Siddha is a viable option for patients who aren’t showing signs of a ‘full-fledged infection’ and do not require ventilator support.

“We are closely monitoring the Siddha Centres in Chennai; those who need oxygen supply are immediately shifted to government hospitals. We are planning to set up Siddha Centres across the state,” he stated.

Dr Veerababu, who is credited with being the person behind the initiative, said that most of the patients in the Siddha centres are those showing mild symptoms and that those who were asymptomatic were advised to stay at home. The patients typically take over a week to ten days to recover. The state-certified Siddha practitioner also stated that there have been zero deaths so far, as the treatment includes the use of natural herbs that do not put the lives of the patients at risk.

“Patients are allowed to do activities like Yoga, walking, and even some of them play games like cricket which, gives them much-needed relaxation. If they need oxygen support, then we direct them to a government hospital,” he said, as stated in the report.

Local reportage by TV channels like Puthiya Thalaimurai is filled with clips of masked patients having the freedom to run, play and interact with fellow patients while following safety precautions like maintaining proper sanitary protocols.

However, it is to be noted that most of the patients here are those in the initial stages of contracting the COVID-19.

When asked about any possible replacements of Siddha medicine to drugs like Dexamethasone or Remdesivir, which are being prescribed to patients in more severe stages of treatment, Dr Latha Rani M, Siddha Expert, and Professor at Sri Sairam Siddha Medical College and Research Center said; “I’m not too sure if Siddha is currently as effective for such cases.”

“The treatment in the Siddha centres includes the administration of natural immunity boosters like those in Kabasura Kudineer which has been effective both as a preventative and for treatment. There are no pharmacological studies that prove its effectiveness as of now; however, trials are being conducted in institutions like Dr MGR Janaki College and others, for the same.”

Kabasura Kudineer is the name of a herbal concoction typically made of several natural ingredients like ginger, cloves, and more.

The State Government’s announcement of Siddha as an accepted measure of treatment was followed by the addition of Yoga and Naturopathy on the list on July 14.

According to a news report by News18, both these measures have shown improvement in lung health and immunity of affected patients.

“The patients were taught simple Yogasanas and pranayama to improve lung health, besides being administered aromatherapy,” said Dr C. Vijayabhaskar, State Health Minister of Tamil Nadu, in a press release issued on Tuesday.

It also stated that Yoga and Naturopathy Treatment is currently being administered in government and taluk hospitals, supervised by over 200 experts.

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Nine-Year-Old Girl Raped And Murdered In Nangal; Family Asks For Capital Punishment



Nangal Rape Case II News Aur Chai

The nine-year-old girl was cremated on Aug.1, 2021, without seeking her parents’ permission. The parent’s suspects’ it was rape as her mother was kept away while the priest performed the cremation. The Chief of Bhim Army, Chandrasekhar Azad, has reached their parents and offered legal and financial help.

The villagers have been protesting against the incident and blocked the Containment Roads’ towards the Janakpuri. They are demanding the accused to be hanged to death. The Senior police officer, Joint Commissioner Jaspal Singh, and DCP Ingit Pratap Singh visited the protesting site. They assured the villagers’ justice for the girl and her family. 

While speaking with villagers, Singh said, “All the four accused Radhey Shyam (55), the priest, Kuldeep Kumar (63), Laxmi Narain (48) and Mohammad Salim (49) are in prison. Also, A medical team of 3 members have been set up to carry out of the Autopsy of remaining’s of the girl. And an ACP ranked Officer will investigate the case”. He also requested villagers to give written grievances to Police officers.

The victim’s mother doubts that her daughter had been raped, and thus she was cremated without their permission. The rape charges were not added in the case in the Initial stage. But the rape charges were added after the SC/ST committee visited and spoke with the parents, the Officer leading the case. The Victim identity is kept hidden as per the guidelines of the supreme court and to give privacy to family and avoid media trials. 

“As per current details found by CCTV footage, the girl was seen entering the cremation location around 5 PM and the accused went looking for mother around 6 PM. The properties from the locations are taken for forensic tests and autopsy reports are in process,”. Said the officer-in-charge.

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Flood Wreaked Havoc On Madhya Pradesh.



Madhya Pradesh Flood II News Aur Chai

Many districts in Madhya Pradesh were hit by heavy flooding on August 3, 2021, due to an unparalleled 800mm rainfall in the past 24 hours. One thousand seven hundred and seventy-one villages are affected due to heavy floods. 

Heavy flooding in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh, has affected more than a lack of people who have been stuck in the local river. There was a complete power cut, and the mobile network had been cut off since August 2, 2021. The everyday life of people living in the Niwadi and Tikamgarh districts has stopped due to heavy rainfall. The severe rain has been in Guna, Shivpuri, Sheopur, Morena, Datia, Gwalior and Chambal regions. The rivers like Chambal, Kwari, Sindh, Kuno, and Seep have overflowed above the danger mark. The bridge collapsed on river Sindh, near Ratanpur village as the water released from Harsi and Manikheda dams. Double-storey buildings of some areas submerged. 

According to locals, the mobile phones of all the authorities, newspaper offices and local TV channels had ceased. There was a power cut in the city. Rail services in the areas like Shivpuri and Gwalior are affected too. A 50-year-old Nurse, identified as Sumanlata Joshi, was electrocuted in Shivpuri town as an electric current ran into her flooded house in the Kamlaganj area. 

As per officials, three advanced light helicopters and a Russian-made Mi-17 chopper have been sent for rescue operations from the Indian Air Force station. Seven teams of the SDRF are posted in the Shivpuri district for rescue operations. The SDRF has deployed five and two of its units in the communities like Sheopur and Datia. One thousand six hundred people were saved by NDRF and SDRF teams, yet 200 villages are still stuck in the flooded areas.

The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, said the speed of rain has reduced and there will be no terrible rains. They are trying to provide relief and evacuate the people in the affected areas as soon as possible.

The chief minister chaired an emergency meeting in Bhopal on the flood situation of the Gwalior-Chambal region. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, assuring that the Centre will be providing all the help to Madhya Pradesh. The Chief Minister also said that he is very grateful to the Prime Minister for all the cooperation.

The Chief Minister said he held a meeting where he discussed the flood situation in Madhya Pradesh with the prime minister. The Chief Minister, too, discussed help from the Indian Army in the flood-hit areas. Also, they are informing Prime Minister Modi about the rescue operation in those areas. Mr Chouhan said they had shifted four troops of the Army in most flood-affected areas to evacuate more flood-affected people. The SDRF team is handling the situation very well. Ministers are monitoring the status of the problem. 

Union Minister Amit Shah Tweeted discussed the situation of Madhya Pradesh with CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The central government will provide all the help to the state. In this challenging situation, their government is standing with the people of the state.

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Dhanbad Judge Death, Spurs Concern About Threats Faced By Members Of Judiciary



Uttam Anand Dhanbad Judge II News Aur Chai

On July 28, 2021, Dhanbad Additional Sessions Judge Uttam Anand died preceding an alleged hit and run accident. The incident took place near his house when Mr Anand was out for his morning walk, and an auto-rickshaw hit him from behind, following which it drove away. Mr Anand was hospitalized by a passer-by, where he succumbed to his injuries. 

The accident is suspecting to be a case of hit and run until the CCTV footage of the accident was recovered, leading to a murder investigation. The video footage shows that the three-wheeler swerved in the Judge’s direction and drove away after knocking him down. A Special Investigations Team [SIT] is formed by the Jharkhand Chief Minister, Hemant Soren, to investigate the death of the Additional Session District judge. 

On July 31, 2021, Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Hemant Soren even took to Twitter to announce his decision to order a CBI probe into the matter. 

An officer-in-charge of Jharkhand’s Pathardih Police Station, Umesh Manjhi, is also suspended for not registering the concerned FIR on time. Sanjeev Kumar, Dhanbad SSP, has confirmed the same. The alleged murder of the Judge is a massive concern over the threats faced by the members of the Judiciary, especially by the trial judges across the country. 

The Supreme Court has taken up a Suo moto cognizance of Mr Anand’s demise, titled ‘In Re: Safeguarding courts and protecting [death of Additional Session Judge, Dhanbad]. Also, the bench led by the Chief Justice of India has expressed its concern over the stressful working conditions and threats amidst which the trial judges have to function.

“The Dhanbad case has wider ramifications. We are getting reports that judicial officers are under attack across the country. We want to examine this issue and may seek reports from the state.” Said the Chief Justice of India. 

The Jharkhand Government and the Director-General of Police are asked to submit the required documents and affidavits by the Supreme Court within the week. Also, the Supreme Court has declared the Suo moto would not interfere or hamper with the probe issued by the Jharkhand High Court into the Judge’s death. 

According to a source in Special Investigations Team [SIT], the three-wheeler drivers were under the influence of a sedative, Nitrosun 10 — a drug prescribed for patients suffering from anxiety disorders and illicit alcohol. 

As per police sources, four men were arrested, including the vehicle driver, the shopkeeper who sold them the drug, and the vehicle owner.

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