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Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan: Breaking Homosexuality Taboo

Breaking all the norms, hypes and categorised social sexual identities, the multi-talented actor Ayushmann Khurana and the IITian turned actor Jitendra Kumar aka Jitu bhaiya has benchmarked a new height of success–a new insight for society to accept LGBTQ community (homosexuality) with love.

The movie is about loving and living a normal relationship life, but not the way society prefers instead the way the body asked for. The actors will let you feel that it is ok and totally fine to accept what you are, who you are also what your body needs.

The cast

Hitesh Kewalya, the director known for his love romance movies, is undoubtedly doing with what could, perhaps, be the first unabashed same-sex (homosexuality) love story in a commercial. This storyline of homosexuality provides a new version of love and romance. He is able to come out with the love of this era via the platform of ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan‘ (SMZS) where people have started accepting love in all ways.

SMZS could have been about the romantic hits like of Raj and Simran, Raj and Bobby or Raj and Rashmi with class, caste and religious differences coming in the way of true love– at the end, the love survives to surpass every barricade of society. However, the director chose to show the angle of love between Kartik Singh (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Aman Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar).

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan: Breaking Homosexuality Taboo
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The story is about love fighting against its “BARSO SE CHALE AARAHE” legit enemy, the society and its rituals from which the lovers have to fight. It also talks about the prejudices against an individual’s sexual preferences which we called abnormal if different from the societal norm of love, the sexual romance between a girl and a boy only.

He succeeds in putting his card of the cast: the quirky family, their creepy quarrels, and undoubtedly and wonderfully realised characters. The beautiful and talented Neena Gupta, playing the role of Jitendra’s mother has again given out a superb fantabulous job while Gajaraj Rao plays his father’s role– for sure no one would be able to do it better than this legit man.

All about the Movie

The movie shows the customary elements of families and society—the show shaa bazi of family and society, a lavish and big fat wedding full of, drama, kitsch, vibrant colour, bhangra song, sad and always angst jija and fufa. Parents, relations, and family is the biggest challenge for people who are homosexual because one can fight society if their loved ones work as their backbone. However, these backbone gets broken down if loved ones stand out against the couple’s choices.

Kewalya didn’t target particularly anyone like society, people who accept it or don’t accept it. As one character says, it explains well that why prejudice takes time in getting demolished, as a change of heart and mind can’t be expected overnight. Plus such thoughts are spread across the societal divides which are quite challenging to handle and change.

The film ends up on a different node theme of nature-vs-science giving an example where scientists growing the typical black cauliflower (a persistent metaphor through the film) could well be as homophobic as a weak and illiterate ironsmith. The hope is that they will eventually get to realize that the real sickness of the mind that needs to be cured is not homosexuality but a condition called homophobia which somewhere loses the essence of the storyline.

However, the good part of looking into is that Bollywood is coming out with movies on such topics which are still a hype in society and might the prejudice can be delt in a good and healthy way in the coming years.

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