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Should INDIA let go of KASHMIR?

So, our vacations to Kashmir might require more complex planning if INDIA decides to let go of Kashmir. Social studies could lose a state in its maps, we become one language less, and more than anything, we get to lose a serene state up north, which is like the head of our country, holding the states together.

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But what if people start getting troubled for being part of Kashmir? How long will innocent civilians live a threatened life? These situations have been sending wrong signals to the people thriving there as to whether they have really attained independence if they are a part of India. Sadly, the answer is both YES and NO. Yes, for a simple fact that India has gained its independence and No, for it has been involving Kashmir in an unfortunate tug of war between India and Pakistan. China is an altogether different issue that could be dealt with later.

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What is holding Kashmir to India?

The instrument of accession (A treaty signed in 1947) is what is holding Kashmir to India but with Pakistan, the only reason is that they have a majority Muslim population in Kashmir, which is an unavailing reason as other places like Jammu and Ladakh have Hinduism and Buddhism population. We cannot single-handedly let go of only Kashmir. The only option will be to give away the entire state to either Pakistan or let it become an independent nation.

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Source: Slideshare

What will India Lose?

What does India lose by signing off the reins of Kashmir? Economically, yes they have more to lose but Kashmiris have lost whatever little dignity and respect they deserved. They had lost everything they possessed in the battles that followed in 80’s and 90’s. All the wars led to grave human rights violations They were forced to give up arms and get down to solve issues as violence was not going to get them anywhere. But they never got their problems resolved and they had to just keep moving on with their lives. If this is how they have to live then it is the right time to give Kashmir what they ask for – A New nation, Even if it involves lots of paperwork and decision making to be done. But critically writing, giving it up for another country is going to be of no use as it will just be like flying away from a small fire and landing on a pyre.

Pakistan might have lost to India in all the wars but India never won them too, it just conquered the battle. What you think should be done ?? Post your views in the comment section below.

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