Shocking Details Of Sheena Bora Murder Case Revealed!

Sheena Bora was Indrani’s daughter not her sister from an earlier marriage. The murder case involving 9X Media founder Indrani Mukerjea, arrested for supposedly killing her sister three years ago, took a bizarre turn on Wednesday.

Indrani Mukerjea’s current husband Peter Mukerjea told press that “I do not understand what is happening with respect to my wife, and whether Sheena is her sister, which is what I believed for the last 15 years of my married life & now I’ve been informed that Sheena is possibly her daughter, and probably the person I thought was her brother is her son from an earlier marriage that I was unaware of.”

Report of Indian Express suggests that Sanjay Khanna, Indrani Mukerjea’s ex-husband, has been arrested in Kolkata.

Peter said that he was very much aware of the rumours that Sheena could be Indrani’s daughter but he chose not to believe them. “My son had warned me in past and told me that Sheena was Indrani’s daughter but I chose to believe Indrani. My son has stopped talking to me and we have not spoken since last three years,’ he said.

Peter also said that”The whole matter of Sheena & my son was not discussed because it was a very sensitive matter,”.

Mikhail Bora claimed that Sheena and he himself, are Indrani’s kids. He told CNN-IBN, “I have no doubt that my mother Indrani did not kill my sister Sheena.”

Mikhail also claimed that dispute over property was not the true reason for his sister’s murder.

“If she doesn’t admit to her crime, I will tell the investigation agency the real reason for the murder,” Mikhail told ANI.

In yet another twist to the case, Peter Mukerjea told CNN-IBN that he had been told by Indrani that Sheena was sent to the US because she was allegedly in relationship with Rahul Mukerjea, my son from my first marriage, that Indrani did not approve of.

Sheena Bora and Rahul Mukerjea, step-siblings, were in a relationship

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