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Saugaat: Customized Gifting in Ahmedabad

As vague as it may sound, but yes, there is a firm in Ahmedabad, which is a one stop solution for all kinds of customized gifting. ‘Saugaat’, a wonderful concept by Swati Rangwani, started in September 2012.

Completing M.Com., yet taking up a start up was challenging. “Actually, I am someone who has always found studies too main stream. Once I went to Mumbai to a relative, who used to teach such creative courses. It interested me a lot. So I learnt a few from her and after coming back, I tried some of those things and posted those pictures randomly on Facebook which were really appreciated by my friends. So I would say that was the beginning,” said Swati.

Starting from just chocolates, there was no looking back. Today Saugaat makes everything like gift boxes, luggage tags, T-shirts, Tea coasters, Dream Catchers, Wooden trays & trunks, Trousseau packaging, and so much more. “I believe the main plus point was that we had everything handmade as well as customized, and this was something very new. We can make anything the way a customer wants,” she added.

About the challenges Saugaat faced, she said, “The main challenge I faced was of finding space. I have a whole apartment by myself; yet I find lack of space at times. Getting a good team was another big challenge.”

When asked about why something so different, in a city like Ahmedabad, “Well, fortunately Ahmedabad has been very welcoming to Saugaat. I’m very glad how people have accepted this gifting culture here. People who can just go to a store and buy return gifts for their child’s birthday, would now come to me and ask what is trending currently. So I would say Ahmedabad is evolving,” she said.

“I think in the next five years Saugaat will be a proper gifting solution. I want it to be a lifestyle gifting boutique, a place where I never have to say no to a customer’s gifting idea. But yes, I always want it to be exclusive.” said Swati, when asked about Saugaat in next five years.

Startups have always been a known risk, she said, “I never had a doubt with my idea but was pretty sure that it would take time. It was a risk when I had given up a job that I got after my Master’s degree and getting on to something that had no fixed income. But it is my dream to start my own play school someday.”

To all the people still confused about a start-up, “Have a good financial back up first of all, as first couple of years would be challenging. Patience is also very important. Having a good team is another challenge because you need to understand that you cannot do everything by your own self. But yes, always stay positive about it,” she said while signing off.

We wish Saugaat a great future ahead. Find them on facebook by clicking here!

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