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SAARANG 2018 – Toot The Horn, Bang The Drum!

SAARANG-2018 is here, The Annual Fest of MATA SUNDRI COLLEGE FOR WOMEN. Mark your dates- 7th, 8th, 9th February 2018. It’s bigger and better!

Toot the horn, bang the drum!
Its SAARANG, you have to come.

This festival hosts a lot of events for the students so that they could turn up in huge numbers to show their talent. Some of the main events are Antakshri, Thirak, Ad-O-Mania, Sur-Sarita, Mehfil-E-Ghazal and much more.

Noddy Singh Sarang 2018
Source: NewsAurChai

A lot of events are organized to provide the participants and the audiences fun environment. the event of ANTAKSHRI- one of the highlights of our festival is going to be a hit by WhiteWakers Band on February 8 by their super hit performance. It’s going to be rock.

DJ Tatva Sarang 2018
Source: NewsAurChai

Get ready to be knocked off your feet girls. The final showdown of our Annual Fest SAARANG is with DJ TATVAK performing live on 9th February 18.

Yeah, so DJ Tatva K is going to perform live on 9th of February with his classic hits and we assure you he is going to rock the stage. This is not it because SAARANG has another surprise. Next performer for the final showdown is Singer NODDY SINGH who will be performing live on February 9th and will rock the floor by his BHANGRA SPECIAL performance.


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