“Reveal”- Get Ready To Fight Coronavirus In Style

Overcoming the months of nationwide Coronavirus induced lockdown, the country is slowly returning to its normal pace with the advent of Unlock 1 and 2. However, the threat of contracting the virus is not yet over, and as a result, the protective masks have somewhat become part and parcel of the daily attire.

Therefore, it is ideal for upgrading your style statement by pairing masks with your wardrobe collection. “Reveal” by RIDHI RAMAN brings masks specially designed to suit every mood and style. In a candid chat session with Srurthi Bhat for the #volocals campaign, she talks about her journey and motivation behind the venture.

“Reveal” is a new brand in the market, about three weeks old. Ms. Raman was pursuing her degree in the UK when the pandemic broke out and had to return to her home in Chennai, India. For quite a long time, she was confined to four walls, until the unlock phase was declared, and it dawned upon her that people would now be requiring more masks for their regular use and special occasions. No sooner had the realization occurred, an idea struck her. She decided to curate such masks that would form an integral part of outfits, not only for necessary protection, but also to enhance the style of the ones wearing them.

An undergraduate in Economics from Cardiff University and currently pursuing a Post-graduation in Digital Marketing from Nottingham Trent University, she aspires to expand her skillset by engaging in various fruitful activities during the lockdown.

She also holds the experience of working in her father’s advertising agency previously. While completing her degree online, she came up with the concept of designing unique cotton masks that would complement every outfit for every purpose. She started her journey rather humbly, by wearing masks paired with her outfits and uploading those photos in her personal social media account.

There was a matching mask for every attire, whether for work, gym, or functions. Gradually she began adding new items to her collection and continually updating the catalog accordingly. The unique styling idea, no doubt, started attracting public attention, thus gaining the first customers for her brand.

Her brand’s main objective is to design pocket-friendly masks for every occasion as she believes that the purchase of overpriced masks for the sole purpose of enhancing clothing accessories is likely to seem unnecessary to most customers. Keeping the public interest in mind, she has priced all her masks at a minimal amount of Rs. 50, in contrast to the expensive designer masks that are commonly available online. Customers could relate to her idea and the basic styling tips that she shared in her profile.

Talking about her marketing strategies for the brand, she said that she didn’t indulge in any paid promotion or marketing. As the business is still in its initial days and a small-scale venture, grown out of her personal interests, she hasn’t planned about advertising the product as of now.

Nevertheless, her satisfied customers have stepped up to be impromptu models for advertising the masks. She prefers individual opinion and positive remarks of customers over any paid marketing, as they hold more value and a personal touch that others could rely upon and place trust on a new product. She believes that when contented buyers put up stories on social media, that attracts more attention, getting her more orders for her products.

Her masks are manufactured locally–she buys the fabrics from local stores, and the stitching is done by underprivileged women who have recently lost their jobs or looking for a means to earn in these difficult times. Therefore, the business that started merely as her hobby, started lending a helping hand to the underprivileged section of society to combat the situation as a collective entity.

The masks are soft, breathable, and thoroughly checked to ensure comfort before putting then on the market. Before the launch of the products, she conducts a test trial to make sure they are wearable. She sends the product catalog to all interested potential customers throughout the country. All-India shipping is done through courier, while Dunzo takes care of the local deliveries.

Amidst the Coronavirus lockdown, she has adopted certain measures to manage her business without the cost of hampering the safety of herself and her customers. She makes sure that the raw materials that enter the house and the finished products that leave the house are properly sanitized. She has set up sanitizer stands to serve the same purpose. The finished products are sent out for delivery in courier packages, which only the receiver is authorized to open. Dunzo has been of immense help for local orders, and she doesn’t have to go delivering packages personally and can entertain multiple orders at the same time.

Being abroad for almost four years, Ms. Raman will remain stationed in India for the near future. Though she does not have plans for a long run in the business, her latest product to be launched is silk masks. This unique creation will offer a sleek, gorgeous look when coupled with a wedding ensemble or other social functions. Though the exterior would highlight the elegance of silk, the interior would ensure the comfort of cotton. She might further design a complete set of matching masks and gloves!

It would be interesting to see more fashion options and mask ideas from this promising venture to add a little style in the current gloomy atmosphere.

Official Instagram account: revealbyridzz

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