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From past few quarters, Apple has faced sales drop and loss of market share in its own place( Cupertino, United States) and China. China, which was the second largest market, now seems it holds only 14% of market share. Apple is nowhere seen in China’s top 5 Smartphone brands now.

The same things in working with U.S sales too. As the whole difficulties were running from past June and July, Apple’s focus shifted to develop its market presence in India. And yes! It succeeded by partnering with Reliance Jio by work and waiting for its results.

Reliance Jio as the well-developing telecom operator partnered with Apple to grow its network in high-end smartphone ( i Phone) users too. For Apple, it’s really crucial to step into India by occupying shelves in retail stores of Reliance. When unveiling the deal of this partnership, Akash Ambani, said: “Its a great pleasure to introduce the iPhone8 and the iPhone8 plus on Jio”.

Let’s check what’s the deal!

For customers who buy iPhone 8 Jio partnership, has to recharge their network with Rs 799 (Jio tariff plans) every month to avail a great offer. Which is a BUY BACK offer!

The buyback is after the customer’s usage of iPhone8 /iPhone8 plus for one year and if they wish to buy newly updated iPhone device, they will be given 70% of buyback on purchased. This can be possible when customers enroll for iPhone upgrade after 12 months of purchase.

Note: For the customers. It’s not cash back. 70% worth cash will be given as voucher or coupons that can be spent.

Reliance Digital place iPhones in its retails shelves all over 900 cities across India which is a gap filler in competition with Samsung Electronics.

Apple is also bringing iPhone X to India as a Diwali bonanza offer, where it understood the festive season is a peak time for sales in our country. So, there are pre-bookings available for this as well.

Source: Reliance

The amazing upward trend line can be seen in Apple’s sales and revenue by this partnership.

In order to bring various changes in its features, Apple customized its devices that are attractive compared with its previous iPhone models. It developed its relationship with thousands of software developers in India. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said they are bringing 11 languages featured keyboard in iPhone device especially to introduce in India.

By 2017 beginning, it had 66% of market share in India. This seems Apple is going to cover up not just high-end smartphone users now but also captures every Indian to get the taste of its brand. By the deal we can see, A customer uses an i Phone and Jio definitely for the whole year. This looks like a total win-win situation for both the Speeding companies.

Let’s not forget the Indian Diwali offer and U.S Apple’s 10th Anniversary offer. It’s on the way! November 3rd, 2017.