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Real stories about real work by Sania Shaikh

How many of you have met people who call themselves a storyteller? A storyteller, who behold everything from new ideas to meeting new people, to actually creating a platform, which serves as a bridge between so many aspiring artists.

Meet Sania Shaikh the co-founder of Creatyst, who started this website as a hobby, two years back with her friend Saurabh Kabra. She believes in going out and meeting new people, which leads to connections and ultimately a new story.

Source: Creatyst
Source: Creatyst

Creatyst is a place where we share stories of young artists from all around the world. It is a platform which brings talented people in different fields together. It has featured over 800 people already (great work!). Out of these 800 people, almost all of them are  aspiring artists in various fields like photography, cinematography, painting, music among others.

Source: Creatyst

Inspired by humans of new york, she wanted to share stories of people rather than just their contact details. She believes, there is an artist in each one of us, and wants people to live fulfilled lives by inspiring them to follow their passion. A culture, she wants to create where all the artists be it musicians , designers, photographers or any other creators can collaborate with each other to bring crazy ideas to life.

The journey to feature more than 800 artists was a difficult one , but they did it like a pro, with the motivation of being the voice of people who are considered weird just because they stay up late at night and design and then sleep the entire day. She also does it because they don’t get the recognition or applause they deserve due to the dominant nature of the 9-5 jobs.

Source: Creatyst
Source: Creatyst

Read on, as Sania Shaikh answers some questions about her a website like boss!

1.You have featured more than 800 people on your website, from where did you find those people? Like how did you manage to make them share their stories with you?

When we started we were college students ourselves so it was very easy to access all the college networks but when we started expanding it was a tedious job to find interesting artists around us. People upload their  best work on facebook and instagram and we want to find them through their work. And once we zero down on a particular artist after going through their work we send them an invite to share their story.

Source: Creatyst

2. Why does Creatyst stand out so much? Why should it be followed on social media?

Ahh … well, I would just say because I think people are done with all those glossy stories of success and fame and now they actually want to read real and genuine stories of people like you and me. We have purposely given a lot of attention to our pages on social media especially Instagram. Instagram is the place where people share their best work.

Source: Creatyst
Source: Creatyst

3. What has been the best moment for you since you started this website?

There are so many it would be difficult to pick one. But one that is really close is a photo series that we had done on a train from Guwahati to Mumbai. That was one moment when we are actually interacting with people and listening to what they had to say which is not always the case because the majority of our communication is digital with artists. But that particular day was just breathtaking, talking to people who you do not know at all and still feeling something after hearing them. That feeling was magical.

4. How does this website benefit you? Would you call it a suitable career path?

Yes. Definitely, we would call it a suitable career path otherwise, we wouldn’t be investing so much time and effort in the entire project. As far as benefits are considered we have now ventured into Creatyst studios where we work with artists to make their ideas real.

Source: Creatyst

5. Would you like to suggest a piece of advice for success to people who are in the same line as you?

I think it is extremely important to understand what exactly you want to gain from a particular story that you are covering. The motivation could be anything. Be it money, fame, social message, humor anything. But try and pick one it helps you focus.
Lastly, Sania you are doing a great job! The aim to do something for other people more that yourself is not one which is nurtured by many people. Keep it up and good luck! ?
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