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Raj Thackeray: No Terrorist are required to kill Mumbai people, Railway is best in doing so.

Elphinstone Road suburban train station mishap has created a series of statements against the railway ministry all over again. This has provided people yet another chance to point fingers at the ongoing journey of the BJP family. Cases of accidents in the BJP sarkar are being referred to as murders. No chance of disrespecting the present government is left alone.

In such a scenario the above statement has been delivered by the Shiv Sena chief Raj Thackrey while taking a gig on the present Modi government and the present condition of the railway ministry. The comment although draws attention to the prevalent railway mishaps which have become common lately this year. BJP has not managed to win over Raj Thackrey yet and so such a comment towards the working conditions of the country was very much expected. Many other political rivals have also commented on such issues while accusing the government.

The comment of the Thackrey Lord above depicts not only a concern for the people of Maharashtra but also shows the dark side of the politicians where the actually perceive people to merely vote banks. The lives of the people of Maharashtra were at stake when the stampede at the station occurred but all reports have turned against the railway ministry. It’s agreed that the railway ministry is not at its best this year but the case on the station had reports of wrong information being announced. Such errors can be regarded as basic human errors rather than a way demoralising the government.

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We need to understand the hard truth that politics had always played safe and will always use such mishaps as reasons of controversy. Besides all this, we must be aware of the real reason behind the mishaps and stay alert for our lives and that of others in such difficult scenarios. Comments of such harshness will continue to find a place where politics is concerned. Thackrey might have taken good care of Maharashtrians in the past but in a place like Maharashtra where local trains are used enormously by high percentile of the people the caretakers must be cautious on their own levels rather than depending on people who they think are not doing their jobs efficiently.

Mishaps are definitely hurting but with accidents, people should become more cautious and avoid spreading wrong information or panicking in public places also they must wait to give a hand rather than stamping people in their way. Lives are precious.

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