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Rahul Gandhi’s 15 Minutes Dare: How Effective It Could Be?

Do you remember the dialogue of Shahrukh from movie CHAK DE INDIA… yes, that’s 70-minute dialogue which actually gets all the cynosure from the movie. I think of that dialogue in my mind and remember how effective Shahrukh was in the movie that his 70-minute dialogue speech led the players to win the match and create history. Well, it’s never about SRK affection we all know about the Badshah of Bollywood, but this time we are taking our cameras towards our BADSHAH of POLITICS. Yes, none other than Mr.Rahul Gandhi Ji. Sometimes people of India may wonder that how can someone be so talented that his own possession in the name of love towards country get so high that he forget how, when and what to say or ironically always a public speech stage he chooses to speak out his heart loudly.

No, no, it’s not about being anti of any party because we are the AAM AADMI no, not the AAM AADMI PARTY but the real AAM AADMI that is a common man. In a more than half an hour speech, our honorable aspirant for P.M. post talked about DALIT SAMAJ AND VICTIM WOMAN and the other half time he gave to NARENDER MODI JI. And in both hours we can blindly say that he just speak whatever he feels like no statistics, no calculations, no hardcore concepts all he knew to talk about was to dare the P.M. that if you can then give me your 15 minutes and I will show you who is the real con man. See doesn’t matter SRK influenced you or not, but for sure Rahul Gandhi gets inspired by him and his 70 minutes transformed into 15 minutes, but not to encourage anyone but only to show who is the bigger politician and who have succeeded more in looting the nation.

Rahul Gandhi May 2018
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How easy it is in India for a politician to stand on the shoulder of peoples’ emotions and shout out loud and play their game. And this trick of emotional fool Rahul Gandhi I played in his speech. But losing in the speech of what good can his party do with why Modi Ji can’t defend himself in a 15-minute debate, he and his members who are just as talented as he is, shout out loud the provoking people’s patriotism which never awakens until a gunshot of words is put away. The ironical part is in that 15-minute debate, he does not want to talk about THE DALITS and THE WOMAN about whom he started his speech and people gathering with. All he wants to talk his ki Bhai SARA PAISA NIRAV MODI, MALLYA LE JAYENGE TO HUM KYA KAHYENGE?

Rahul Gandhi May 2018
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The best part about SRK movie was that the coach gets his result at the end, but in this political movie, the coach is not getting the result from his own party members whether it is to sign on a petition or support in against of corruption. And also here the oppositions are too busy to give any answers. The only effect that Rahul Gandhi debate speech of 15 minutes is on BJP spokesperson and even his affect result is the negative reaction because they make the 15-minute challenge into a 15-minute loose learner. The biggest thing to put your eyes on is our P.M. who is on his flight and saying to Rahul Gandhi from there that catch me if you can?!. See a Present P.M. is so busy, busy in flight that he doesn’t want to give 15 minutes to the aspirant P.M. of another party. This is the incredibility of politics and political zones.

So, dear Rahul Ji, you have to make your 15-minute speech more effective or you should watch the SRK movie again to make your challenge accepted.

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