No-Confidence Motion
Source: NDTV

As the day starts, we will witness the first no-confidence motion against the Modi Government. Lok-Sabha will start at 11 AM today, discussion and voting will be conducted after the completion of the debate/discussion.

Currently, the ruling party BJP has no potential threat as it is having a majority in the lower-house. As per the parliamentary procedure, all the parties get a fixed time-frame to put forward their point of view.

A total of 7 hours time has been allocated for the debate on the no-confidence motion. As BJP has the largest number of seats it has got the total time of 3 hours 33 minutes to speak. Congress got 38 minutes, followed by AIADMK and TMC.

As per the reports, from the ruling side, 5 senior leaders are going to speak on behalf of the government including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. TDP minister Jaydev Galla will start the discussion.

Time allocation per party is as follow:

BJP: 3 Hours 33 Minutes
Congress: 38 Minutes
AIADMK: 29 Minutes
TMC: 27 Minutes
BJD: 15 Minutes
Shiv Sena:14 Minutes
TRS: 9 Minutes
TDP: 13 Minutes
CPIM: 7 Minutes
NCP: 6 Minutes
SP: 6 Minutes
LJSP: 5 Minutes
Shiromani Akali Dal: 12 Minutes
RLSP: 12 Minutes
AD: 12 Minutes
Rest: 26 Minutes

Lok Sabha currently has 543 seats, in which 10 seats are vacant. Out of 543 seats, NDA is having a strength of 294 seats, that includes 272 of BJP, 6 seats of LJP, and 16 others who are supporting BJP. On the other hand, Congress has 48, NCP has 7, RJD has 4 and the allies of UPA makes a total of 67 seats only. Adding 117 seats of rest parties who are supporting the no-confidence motion will make it 184.

However, adding up AIADMK’s 37 seats who have already extended their support for the government, the count will cross 331 for BJP. Shiv Sena has not yet revealed its cards yet but is going to support the government most likely

As 10 seats are vacant out of 543 seats, the magic number comes down to 268, that BJP can win on its own as it is having 272 MPs. Let’s hope to see a productive discussion today in the lower house.