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The life of a sportsperson is one synonymous with conviction and discipline. The mark of the spirit of a true sportsperson is the extent of commitment displayed at glorious and devastating times alike. Someone who embodies this very pneuma is Judoka Varun.

He has been a Judo player since his childhood days, having started his competitive foray after picking up an interest in sport through his brother. Looking back, it has been quite a journey filled with many memorable moments along the way.

“I knew that this was the sport for me after I went for the initial classes. Not many people know the sport; it is yet to catch on in the city,” he muses when asked about his uncommon choice. Judo is a sport with a lot of physical contact between the opponents. It involves strikes and exerting a force to take down the competitor. He admits that his family was initially apprehensive about his involvement with the sport. “My parents were concerned for my safety knowing that I would be prone to injuries. I was very insistent, I let them know that this was something that I intended to do,” he speaks with pride that comes from doing what you love.

Varun Judo
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Judo is a sport that requires constant physical training and involves strategic calculations about the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. It is as much a game involving the mind as it does the body. A nimble mind is a pre-requisite at all times. There is no room for negativity and self-doubt. “A very memorable incident for me would be when I defeated an opponent who was a crowd favourite. He had received a lot of training and was slated to be the winner. I was the underdog. However, once the match progressed and I did well, the crowd started cheering for me. That felt really good,” he reflects with happiness.

“I know that this sport requires a lot of training and continuous and consistent commitment if I need to make a mark. I am going to give it my all and see how far that takes me,” says Varun with a resolve. In the constantly evolving world of sports, he yearns to a permanent fixture.

This coming from someone whose injury doesn’t stop him from practising. After all, every accomplishment starts with the decision to try and try he certainly does!

Note: Varun Jeeva recently won the silver at the State level Judo championship in his weight category, 81 Kgs, in 2016.

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