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Pakistan Getting Untied By Its Comrades

After decades, there seems a realization to the allies of Pakistan. Starting from South Asia, US and Afghanistan took back their step in supporting in its terror and foreign policy activities. The international countries sounded this is gone too much for the violence created by Pakistan. It is been called ‘Terroristan’, ‘mothership of terror’ instead of Pakistan. International isolation is on its way for the terror elemental country to get scared for being left alone on its path. Starting from

The United States sidelining Pakistan :

U.S canceled it sales of F-16 fighter aircrafts for its military program. Which incurred Pakistan million dollars loss? Not just pausing with that, U.S banned the largest Habib Bank of Pakistan that involved in money laundering, terror activity money and many.

India’s commitment to making justice :

Modi’s government has a strong commitment in isolating Pakistan. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, denied going to Islamabad, for SAARC summit, which followed by other allies as well, which are Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Bhutan. This is a major call to isolate it, as SAARC meeting cannot be conducted even if one ally in eight is absent in the summit.

Afghanistan’s role in ruling out Pakistan’s role in dealing things :

As the main motto is to eliminate terror-related activities, Afghan’s interest turned supporting to the United States and India favoring military support. Everything was going well according to the strategies of Pakistan neighboring countries, Pakistan getting squeezed in between without any help in its terror elements.

Except for Saudi Arabia and China, Pakistan is been pushed aside in SAARC meetings. Once upon scary country is taking a step back for its policies, activities, isolating from global neighbors. This seems a long way is prepared to bring down ‘Terroristan’ and terrorism.

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