Owen Coyle Parting Ways With Chennaiyin FC?

After a disappointing start to the 2019-20 season, title-winning coach John Gregory (2017-18 season with Chennaiyin FC (Football Club)) had parted ways with the club for the betterment of the team. Soon the management of the club had announced the signing of its new gaffer, Owen Columba Coyle until the conclusion of the ongoing season.

The impact created by him was so huge that, with a horrendous start and change of coach during the mid-season, the media and other teams had struck off Chennaiyin FC‘s chances of making it to the Play-Off. However, the new coach Owen Coyle had other plans, and he started instilling belief in the team, backed the young Indian players and created that fire, the hunger within the team to succeed.

From Strugglers to a potential finalist, that’s how Owen Coyle had turned things around for Chennaiyin FC Indian Super League 2019-20 campaign.

Soon after the conclusion of the finals, majority of the Indian Super League (ISL) clubs were active in the transfer market. However, the fans of Chennaiyin FC were more eager on the contract extension of current gaffer. It’s been close to 4 months since the conclusion of finals but yet there is no news by Chennaiyin FC either on the contract extension of Owen Coyle or signing of new players.

Despite rumours doing the rounds on Instagram and Khel Now website, stating that Owen Coyle is in talks with Jamshedpur FC, the fans are hoping that the retention of the current gaffer will be announced on his birthday – July 14, similar to the announcement of contract extension of John Gregory on his birthday last year.

We cannot confirm that Owen Coyle is going to part ways or continue to coach Chennaiyin FC. However, we have recollected the words spoken by Owen Coyle in his first press meet post-appointment that “I had other offers but felt a real connection with Chennaiyin FC”.

He also talked about the vision of the club which attracted him to sign up for Chennaiyin FC. These words bring us the feeling that he will continue with the club but post conclusion of 2019-20 campaign, Owen Coyle did say that, “The club has made their intention very clear,” and now it’s up to him and assistant coach sandy “to decide their next move.” So, this gives us a feeling that Chennaiyin FC would have given him an offer post tremendous turnaround.

However, Owen Coyle and Sandy would be contemplating to look at other offers across the table as their market value has increased post a successful campaign.

Just like how the club had instilled the hope and believe during mid-season of 2019-20, the same faith and belief are existing among the fans that Owen Coyle will stay with the club.

Only an official announcement from the club will put an end to speculation on Chennaiyin FC gaffer for 2020-21 season.

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