Over Expectations – Cost Of Deteriorating Mental Health

Precisely written in Gita about the mind being the most prominent enemy or your good friend, we always had the control from the day we are born. But the thing which doesn’t have a shape cannot be defined is not to be taken seriously, well the fact is we are growing in an age where everything is fast, and we have stopped introspecting to what gives us real happiness.

Some severe issues have been taken up seriously via being in trend or being in hashtags. Is this the ideal way to solve a problem, or have we forgotten our core values of who we really are?

The world is continuously judging us by the way we look or what we have. However, yet being so happy on our so-called social media platforms, there is an emptiness that lies deep within, and we are unable to fill this void. Always in the struggle of achieving something, we have stopped to take a break and practice gratitude for what we have, or in real words to count our blessings.

Why do we get so low during those point of time where we need someone to guide our path, why can’t we control ourselves and get out of that situation? Expectations that too unrealistic ones creates a turbulence within ourselves, and then we blame others. It’s important to understand that everyone is unique; we all have complexities that we are dealing with, and there are various examples of people who have really worked upon themselves and came out of it gracefully. However, do we know what kind of expectations we are talking about?

Expectations are nothing but born in an individual’s head out of nowhere, which hijacks our thinking capabilities and leads us to void. When these expectations are not met, there is anxiety, leading to worrying. So easy we could hamper our thinking and be sad about it. Undeniably we failed to realize that the control has always been in our hands, yet we never control it.

Life –is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, and we are all aware of it, but is it okay to just quit.

We are born in this world where there is immense knowledge that can cover the curtains of ignorance and light us with that in-depth knowledge of defining who we really are. That restlessness caused by annoying situations that take up our mental space can only be cured by following the light of knowledge, i.e., connecting to our real self.

There is an excellent example of people saying that life is like an ice cream enjoy it before it melts, but people who serve selflessly say life is like a candle; it also melts, but in return, it gives that bright light in that room for darkness. Choices are obviously ours and nobody else’s. To be like a candle, it’s vital to self-care both physically and mentally. However, the major part is all about being peaceful at a mental level.

Imagine trying to practice yoga every day, watching zillions of videos on YouTube to control the anxiety, coming out of depression with no result. Ever wondered why?

When we fail to practice gratitude, then we forget to serve people selflessly when we fail to change from within all these things won’t matter. Connecting to that spiritual world, which we all lack. Spiritual and Religion are not the same, which we always get confused with.

When we talk about spirituality, we talk about the consciousness present among every living entity, and when we serve them, love them without applying any conditions and terms; that is how we have started to choose good over not so good situation. We have to understand when we talk about mental health we failed to realize before finding people to talk to, be kind to yourself, make yourself at peace, and try loving yourself when it was the hardest not to love.

Everybody deals with struggles, and we see that in nature too, to become a butterfly a caterpillar forces itself to push out of the cocoon and in result gets a beautiful pair of wings to fly to, be like a river who’s humble as anything while crossing mountains it never quits nor grumbles but changes the direction just to reach to that aim by being so flexible.

There is a solution to every problem in this world, but what is important to keep is hope and patience. Even a child is in a womb for nine months, where it is struggling for food, air, but when that child comes to this world, all it gives us a reason to celebrate.

We all know that we are not perfect and can never become so, why do we want our life to be perfect then? Happiness is a journey, not a destination, but even if we stop somewhere, try walking up the path with all the experiences you have collected. To go through everything, be it good or be it not so good, is what makes our life.

Do we feel any problem here?

We have a different outlook on life; we use people and love things, try doing the opposite love people use things; it will make you at peace right to your heart. It’s okay to deal with different emotions, but it’s not okay to be there for a long time, because we should know when to move on. The mantra has always been easy, but what’s difficult is not to practice it, not to take the initiative when we lose our control of our only very important friend, “our mind.”

It’s easier said than done; there is no doubt about why it is essential to take care of yourself so that you can care about others to give love allow yourself to be loved to pass on knowledge read a lot.

We are in a temporary world, and unfortunately, nobody would be like us, but the amazing part is we all are unique in some other way where nobody could be us. We have to learn a lot lose a lot so that we can gain a lot, instead of just existing try living which many people fail to do so; it’s not the struggles that are present outside which fails us to grow but that notch in your head which is blocking you to grow. Feed love to your mind so you can feel loved right from within.

“A man is made by his belief, as he believes so he is.” – Bhagavad Gita

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