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Odious Life’s of Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israel




The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy strongly condemns Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

The latest incident is of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli prisons announcing a massive hunger strike. The revolt by more than 1,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails began on April 17 raising basic demands for dignity, respect and democratic rights working people around the world can identify with and support. The hunger strikers’ demands include access to public telephones to talk with relatives, twice a month family visits of more than 45 minutes per visit, permission to take photographs with their families, adequate health care, air conditioning and an end to solitary confinement.

The hunger strike, lasted 40 days, ended on Saturday after Israel reached an agreement with the Palestinian Authority and the ICRC after an agreement to increase prisoners’ family visits to two per month.

Marwan Barghouti the leader behind the hunger strike had published an article in the New York Times regarding the problems faced by the jail inmates showcasing the demands of the protestors. The article states him being a prisoner for 15 years and witnessing illegal arrests of Palestinians convicted with confessions under duress. The Israeli government has condemned the article by launching a campaign forcing the editors not to glorify the name of Mr. Marwan Barghouti a convicted murderer and a member of a terrorist organization.


Source: Islamic Invasion Terrorist

The Israel government is also trying to suppress the media of their own country by not showing the problems faced by the prisoners in Israeli jails. Any newspaper or magazine showing the distress or commenting on the protesters were to be declared as terrorists and jailed for seditious writing. Barghouti will now be prosecuted in a disciplining court as punishment for his article. This shows the obstruction of freedom of speech and expression. He is currently serving five life sentences plus forty years for his suspected role in the murder of Israelis.

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has its roots in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the birth of major nationalist movements among the Jews and among the Arabs, both geared towards attaining sovereignty for their people in the Middle East. The key conflict is of mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements, Palestinian freedom of movement, and the Palestinian right of return to Gaza the place where the Israelis have occupied.

The first hunger strike launched in Robben Island 1966, witnessed inmates refusing food for days leading them to collapse due to hunger. This compelled them to address their grievances not leaving them at death’s door. Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim one the persons who was a part of the hunger strike in 1966, had slipped a note to his lawyer regarding the brutality happening inside the prison. Here although by doing such an act, he was never punished by the Israeli government then why is Barghouti facing trial for his recent activity.

Unfortunately, Barghouti is facing what would seem a far more draconian prison system. Today Barghouti is one of 6500 political prisoners in Israeli jails, 300 of which are under the age of 18, and 536 under administrative detention.


Source: Islamic Invasion Terrorist

On the other hand, a group alliance by several far-right, Zionist Israeli political parties, came together to “celebrate the hunger strike” and to “break the spirit” of the strikers by barbecuing near the prison, likely expecting that the smell of the cooked food would waft into the strikers’ prison cells. The BBQ participants as “activists,” the far-right Israelis stated the prisoners “will enjoy breathing in the smoke and suffer from the smell of the meat will show them that we will not give in to their whims.”

The question arises that why are they holding the Palestinians responsible for the terrorist activities where they themselves have been bombing Gaza creating anger within the people to take revenge in return for their ill treatment. Some Palestinians also complained of them, they are not allowed to buy houses in other areas which are an indifferent attitude as the government ceased lands, demolished homes and destroyed olive orchards of Palestinians in Gaza. As usual, Israel denies any wrongdoing, invoking “terror” and insisting that Palestinian prisoners are treated “normally and fairly”.

Many of the men confined have expressed their feelings of missing their mothers and daughters. This feeling is divided among their family members by a wall in front of them and with limited visiting time. It forces us to commune with these prisoners as fellow human beings, persons like ourselves with love, needs, aspirations, hopes, pious dreams, and unrelenting hardships and suffering. The world refuses to pay attention to such hunger strikers, which is somewhat shocking despite decades of lectures to the Palestinians to renounce armed resistance, and engage instead in nonviolent forms of resistance, and if they do so, they will win political support for their grievances even from governments allied with Israel, including the United States.

As Socrates, the world renowned philosopher said that we should always ask ourselves questions on whether we are doing the right thing. We should think with our individual conscience on what is morally or ethically correct. What is right in not what God has given us but our own effort which makes us happy and that is what the Palestinians are trying to do?

It is evident that international humanitarian law falls short when it comes to offering suitable protection to the Palestinian people. Rights like occupation and annexation of land is a major phenomenon. These rights need to be exercised in a manner respectful of civilian innocence, but difficult issues of identification are posed in relation to armed and violent Israeli settlers.

Palestinian prisoners are filled with confidence and wisdom in their hearts and thus will not stop the struggle for their rights.

A few selected minds are gifted with a dream of writing and only a few words can describe their whole world. A writer by the day and a philosopher by the night. I believe that tactfulness and fearless approach is a writer USP. An aspiring journalist, foodie and an automobile enthusiast.


Ram Mandir Opening For “Darshan” In 2023



Ram Mandir Opening 2023 | News Aur Chai

The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is expected to allow visitors by December 2023, with the completion of construction only in 2025.

Sources in the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra have revealed that the colossal project of building the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, will be opening for devotees towards the end of 2023. In contrast, the project’s entire construction completion is expected towards the end of 2025. The sanctum sanctorum (Garbha Griha), along with the mandir’s first floor, will be ready by December 2023. Devotees will be allowed to visit the long-awaited mandir soon after the construction is completed.

An ANI report said, “The grand Ram Mandir being constructed in Ayodhya will be opened for devotees from December 2023. Sources told ANI that Garbhagriha, all five mandaps and the first floor will be ready by December 2023 and the mandir will be opened for devotees”.

The sanctum sanctorum will be as high as 161 feet and built using Rajasthani marble and stones. Engineers and architects are taking all measures to ensure the longevity of this enormous project. The second stage of construction is expected to begin in December this year. Currently, the structure is at a standstill as a result of monsoons. Another reason for the delay is the coronavirus pandemic that depleted the force with which the mandir’s construction was expected to go on.

The announcement of the mandir being opened to visitors in 2023 has brought up questions about the political agenda. It is believed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) aims to use the mandir to catapult themselves into a position of advantage during the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Opening the mandir to devotees in December 2023 will give the BJP an easy 6-month gap to the general elections in 2024.

The opening of the long-awaited Ram Mandir in Ayodhya could be the factor that diverts the public, at least the Hindu’s in favour of BJP. Thus, securing them a vote bank based on religious sentiments upheld by the party in their previous tenure as the ruling party.

The Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir will be 360 feet long, 235 feet wide, and 20 feet high mandir will be completely ready by the end of 2025. The project will include amenities and structures like museums, archives, research centre, Sant Niwas, gau and Yagya shala, Etc. The main attraction is the Ram Mandir.

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How SEBI’s New Margin Rule Is Affecting Retail Traders?



SEBI Margin Rule | News Aur Chai

Securities and Exchange Board of India has introduced new margin rules for traders. Traders and Brokers are not happy with the new regulations because they will have to invest a large amount of cash in fulfilling margin requirements for trade.

SEBI had introduced the new margin rule in the year 2020 for intraday traders. It is being implemented in a phased manner. Traders were supposed to maintain 25 per cent of the peak margin in the first phase; the margin was raised by 50 per cent in the second phase. In the third phase, as per the new margin rule, intraday traders will have to pay a 100 per cent upfront margin. According to new norms, the margin requirements will be calculated four times during every trading session because the money margin must be greater than the need.

As per the new rule, brokers must collect margin from investors for any purchase or sale, and if they fail to do so, they will have to pay the penalty. Thus, brokers will not receive power of attorney. Brokers cannot use power of attorney for pledging anymore.

Those investors who want to make use of margin will have to create margin pledges separately. As per the new rule, investors will have to pay at least a 30 per cent margin upfront to avail a margin loan. Shares brought today cannot be sold tomorrow. Funds from shares sold today cannot be used for new trades on the same day.

The market experts said that there must be proper adjustments for implementing new rules, or it may create chaos, trouble and disturbance to the market participants. The CEO and founder of Zerodha broking firm, Nithin Kamath tweeted that, “the day when the new rules came into effect was the dreaded day for brokers, exchanges, intraday traders”.

Traders Are Not Happy:

Changes in rules have evoked strong reactions from traders because they will have to invest a large amount of cash in fulfilling margin requirements for trades as per new margin rules. Even the trading in futures and options will become more expensive. Traders are disappointed because they will have to pay up more money to bet in stock markets. As per new margin rules, Traders are also liable for the penalty if the rules are not followed during the trading session. If a trader wants to buy Nifty worth Rs 10 lakh, he will have to pay a 20 per cent margin of around 2 lakh. If the margin of the trader does not meet the need, he will be penalized. Traders will have to pay the minimum amount for opening the Multilateral Trading facility account, and they have to maintain a minor balance at all times.

Why Gas SEBI Introduced A New Margin Rule?

SEBI has introduced new rules to protect retail investors from purchasing difficulty. The intended goal of SEBI behind new margin rules is to bring down the difficult market situation and avoid huge fluctuation in stock markets during extreme stress. The new margin rules are likely to bring transparency to the market; it is expected to strengthen the market’s safety.

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Keanu Reeves Returns with “The Matrix Resurrection”



Matrix Resurrections 2021 | News Aur Chai

The expectation of the unexpected fourth instalment of The Matrix Resurrections in the sci-fi establishment has started with another banner prodding the arrival of its first trailer.

The film Matrix 4 comes out 18-years after The Matrix Revolutions. It is planning to be the last film in a trilogy reporting the transformation of Computer programmer Thomas Anderson into cybercriminal Neo. As he finds the conventional world, he occupies a recreated reality.

Loosening up the expectation, with a special promotional. It highlights red and blue pills sit next to each other underneath the clear message: ‘The Choice is yours.’ Fans of the famous establishment will perceive the pills as a definitive choice given to Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, as he picks between life in the conflict assaulted real world or the ‘beautiful prison’ of a substitute reality. Penetrating static fills in as the scenery, as small strings of Matrix code has seen falling inside the pills before the whole scene liquefies.

Fans can proceed with their adventure on, an intelligent pick your-own-experience style site. Given a similar decision there, red brings you down a rabbit hole where you’re told: ‘This is the moment for you to show us what’s real.’ Then scenes from the film teaser, showing the slight hindrance between the natural world and the fake world known as The Matrix. One of the Best Scenes is Reeves’ Neo gulping a blue pill while a lot more seasoned, a balder man shows up in his appearance.

The scenes reviewed rely upon which pill selection and each emphasis on the decision made. The Red Pill requests that the watcher go further into the reality behind the Matrix. While the Blue Pill cautions them to avoid it again so as not to agitate the norm and welcome undesirable risk.

Still, the viewer’s decision makes, in any case, every secret seems to end with a brief look at Keanu Reeves as Neo, with different eyes. He either collaborates with characters who could be his partners in the film or plans to fight against its expected scalawags, be they Agents, pernicious projects, or even people.

The person who clicks on the blue pill will hear Harris’s voiceover saying: “You’ve lost your capacity to discern reality from fiction.” Before encouraging the viewer to embrace that their situation is genuine. At the current time, streaks on the screen, and Harris peruses it, saying, “anything else is your mind playing tricks on you.” By contrast, ones’ who click on the red pill hear Abdul-Mateen’s voice revealing to them that while they trust it’s the current time — once more. With Abdul-Mateen perusing the time out loud — “that couldn’t be further from the truth.” Regardless, a progression of quick-cut shots from “Revivals” streaks on the screen during the two situations. As each time a viewer taps on a pill, the recording changes.

‘This could be this is the first day of the rest of your life, but if you want it, you gotta fight for it.’ The portrayal wraps while showing star Keanu Reeves prepared to battle. Then, at that point, finishing on a vile note, they show somebody contacting the PC port at the rear of their head and inquire: ‘We don’t want anyone to get hurt, do we?’

From visionary movie producer Lana Wachowski. The new film reunites unique stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss as Neo and Trinity, the infamous roles they made well known.’ The first Matrix film in 1999 met with much essential acclaim upon its introduction. The element is following up by two other movies, which were both delivered in 2003. Warner Bros. uncovered the title for the fourth Matrix film during its CinemaCon board. The Matrix Resurrections will release on December 22, 2021.

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