A New World War Has Begun. Apple vs Samsung

Welcome to this new era where people instead of fighting for a living are seen arguing over which mobile phone is better! And the award goes to… APPLE

The introduction of Apple’s iPhone 10 years ago by Steve Jobs showed it to the world that how a simple cell phone can be turned into a complex multi-purpose mobile device. It’s the first ever smartphone with a big display that can be used to surf over the web and listen to music. Before Apple had hit the market, mobiles were no user-friendly but with the coming of THE IPHONES, it has become the most favourite device among the generations as it’s not just a mobile phone but a full-fledged mobile computer that could be used everywhere.
iPhones have marked ‘the birth of smartphone age’

S6 and 6S
Source: Android Authority

The latest report by consultancy Interbred sees Apple remaining on top of the Annual Global Brands ranking. Apple’s revenue is seen to climbing an all-time record of $78.4 billion, beating out its all-time favourite yet hard competition, Samsung.

Tim Cook recently said, “We’re thrilled to report that the holiday quarter results generated Apple’s highest quarterly revenue ever and even broke the multiple records along its way.”
2015 and 2016 have been a golden year for the Apple company as it saw an approximate sale of 231.22 million dollars that is much more than that of Samsung.

iPhone sales have been on a roller coaster recently, moving very smoothly along its way while Samsung smartphones lineup has shown real signs of struggle which made analysts believe that Apple has taken the lead as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. The last reports suggest Apple edged out Samsung by selling approximately 78.3 million iPhones narrowing 77 million sales in quarter 4 of 2016.

Apple has won again in a back and forth battle with Samsung. Be it the case of topping the list if world’s best seller or the court case been put up by both the companies against each other. For those who haven’t been keeping up pace with the case, Apple claimed that Samsung had infringed and copied on 5 of its patents while Samsung infringed Apple on 2 of its patents. However, it failed and Samsung was required to pay huge sums of money.

The Clash Of Titans Begin…

Samsung Apple War
Source: Redmond Pie

Interestingly Samsung’s most promising device, as they thought it to be, also lost its fervour. Apple took this into its own favour and this benefited from Samsung’s much-publicised recall of fire catching Galaxy Note 7. While Apple reclaimed the throne, regaining its top place in the smartphone market helped by the new and latest iPhone 7 and 7plus.

However, with coming up of new and cheaper, low rated androids, Apple decides to take a bold move and thus edges closer to produce iPhones in India following the path of ‘Make in India’ thereby cleverly moulding Narendra Modi. It has also lowered its prior model’s prices giving a competitive spirit to Samsung.

It doesn’t require a genius to figure out which one is better? Alright with the entry of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, it did give Apple a storm but with the introduction of waterproof iPhone 7 and 7plus, it left everyone exclaimed.

Apple is original. Has anyone even observed how Samsung copied Siri after the introduction of iPhone 4s? An easier to use interface does not include much carrier bundled app is what makes Apple win. Also, it’s worth is comparing to Samsung androids is more at the time of resale. It has its own system of Apple ID with iMessage and facetime facilities.

As per the reports when iPhone 6s was compared with Samsung S6, following things came into the picture. While Apple has 7.1mm thick screen, weighing 143grams, Samsung has 7.9 mm screen with the weight of 152grams. The Galaxy S6 was the prettiest phone made but it still lost the fight with iPhone 6s. With Apple’s use of 7000 aluminium, it’s one of the most powerful phones one can buy. Although both the phones make use of 12-megapixel camera but iPhones uses 1.8 opening while 1.7 in Samsung.

Not just phones but Apple is proved to be holding an upper hand in terms of iPads and tabs or even iPods and mp3s. No denial in the fact that the rate list is too high but with the price comes the quality.

Thus over such discussions, Apple is regarded as Apple, way better than Samsung as it’s not just a mere mobile phone but a status symbol for people across the globe.

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