National Unemployment Day Trending On PM Modi’s 70th Birthday: Here Is Why

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrates his 70th birthday today, a section of Twitterati has marked September 17 as National Unemployment Day or ‘Rashtriya Berojgar Divas.’

Along with wishes pouring from all parts, a section of Twitterati are hailing PM Modi’s initiatives towards the progress of India, but, another set of netizens have not let go of this chance to display their protest against the rising unemployment rate in India. The trend, which has gone viral shows the PM’s inability to create jobs and provide employment.

Further, using the hashtag #NationalUnemploymentDay, many slammed the Government on its failure to create job opportunities and has asked it to create more jobs. Many are also raising the issue of delay in exam results of SSC and urging the Government to make reforms for students.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also seized this opportunity to lash out at the Centre over the swelling unemployment rate in India amid the economic crisis and tweeted, “Massive unemployment has forced the youth to call today #NationalUnemploymentDay. Employment is dignity. For how long will the Govt deny it?” This was in addition to his tweet wishing the Prime Minister on his birthday.

India’s unemployment rate is spiking amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The latest data by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) shows the Unemployment Rate (30-day moving average) to be 7.3 per cent as on September 16.

The unemployment rate in the last month and the first week of September, was between 7.9 to 8.2 per cent has since improved, but, it is still alarmingly high.

As the migrant workers started shifting back to their hometowns amid the pandemic, there was an increase in agricultural activities. The rural unemployment rate, which stood at 22.89 per cent in April, has now declined to 7.65 per cent (August 2020). However, in July the rate was 6.51 per cent which has now risen.

In urban areas, the unemployment rate, which stood at 24.95 per cent in April, has declined to 9.83 per cent (August 2020). Yet, again, it is higher than July wherein, the unemployment rate was 9.37 per cent, it has risen.

According to experts, the trend of increase in employment seen in the rural area was primarily due to the hectic sowing activity of the monsoon crops and jobs offered under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 (MG-NREGS). However, the sowing of Kharif crops is almost nearing an end, and the provision of jobs under MG-NREGS has also declined after picking up in July. Also, the sudden micro lockdowns have affected the normal functioning of firms and the small and medium enterprises, in the supply chain, causing a decline in demand for labour.

It is also expected that the number of people unemployed is likely to grow not just because people are failing to find jobs, but, several who are already employed are likely to lose their jobs, as a result of the declining economy and lockdown consequent of COVID-19.

In addition to other studies, a report from the National Statistical Office (NSO) India, shows that GDP declined by 23.9 per cent in the April-June quarter, the first contraction in more than 40 years.

Meanwhile, to mark PM Modi’s birthday, BJP has launched Week-long celebrations in the called ‘Seva Saptah’ from Sept 14-20 under which has under its umbrella numerous social initiatives like blood donation camps, planting saplings, cleanliness drives etc.

Launching the celebration, party chief, JP Nadda said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had changed the culture of politics in the country since 2014. He took the opportunity to slam the oppositions without naming the parties and stated earlier in politics; there was mewa or dry fruits instead of seva or service.

Mr Nadda also highlighted various positive changes in the nation after BJP and PM Modi got into power, including how effectively the Centre is fighting the pandemic with multiple schemes and programs.

However, the rise in the unemployment rate in India and the wrath of youth (mainly) is going to be another major issue that the Centre will have face amid this pandemic, if it continues to turn a deaf ear to all the rising voices and even louder unemployment rates.

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