My Daughter’s Soul Must Be At Peace Now – Dr Priyanka Reddy’s Father

All the four accused of the rape and murder case of 26-year-old veterinarian Dr Priyanka Reddy last month were killed in a police encounter on Friday morning, police said.

As per the report, the accused were taken at the crime spot to reconstruct the scene of offence as part of the investigation.

DCP Shamshabad Prakash Reddy stated that the accused snatched the weapon from police and started firing at police and tried to escape. The law enforcement authorities were prompted to fire back in self-defence, killing the four accused.

The Hydrabad Senior Police officials arrived at the site of the encounter; it is also reported that two police officers were injured during the same.

The four men, all lorry workers, aged between 20 and 24, were arrested on November 29 for raping and murder of the woman by choking her and later burning her body. They were remanded for seven days in judicial custody.

The victim’s (Dr Priyanka Reddy) sister Bhavya reacted to the killing of the four accused and stated that they welcomed it.

Adding to which she said that they were not expecting this (killing by encounter) and though the accused would be hanged to death. She further thanked everyone who stood by their side and hoped that this incident would scar the people from committing such crimes in future. The father of the young victims stated that his daughter’s soul must be at peace now.

While reacting to this incident Badrinath Singh, Nirbhaya’s father, says that the Hyderabad vet’s family has been spared the distress he and his wife, Asha Devi, have been put through in the past seven years.

The gang rape-and-murder had triggered a nation-wide protest with both public and lawmakers seeking speedy punishment to the accused. The state government had ordered to set up a special court (fast track) to expedite the trial.

Citizens gathered at the encounter site raising slogans in support of law enforcement authorities and showered them in flowers.

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