Michael Phelps: This time I’m done

Once every generation, there comes an athlete who defines a sport for enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Michael Phelps is that athlete for bringing laurels to swimming on a worldwide stage, for over a decade now.

Phelps, 15, made his Olympic debut on the international stage at the 2000 Sydney Games as the youngest male swimmer on the American Olympic team. Although he didn’t bring home any medals then – he sure made a mark as the brilliant swimmer who will rise to glory when the time is right.

Four years later, in Athens 2004, he won 6 Gold medals, and the rest, as they say, is history!

His medal count does not only make him the greatest Olympian of all times, but also the most decorated. Phelps has won 28 medals of which only 5 are not gold.

Michael Phelps
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After his commendable performance at the Rio 2016 Olympics, Michael Phelps announced his retirement, yet again.

But whether or not he will stay gone after this announcement, has left his fans with a feeling a déjà vu, when he pulled a similar stunt after the 2012 London games. The 31-year-old competitive swimmer told NBC’s Matt Lauer, “This time I’m done.” This time, he is calling it quits for sure. Phelps is bidding adieu to swimming at the summit of his career and as most enthusiasts believe there is nothing more he can do in the field, after breaking all major records. However, he is not giving up his passion. He is going to continue swimming as part of his exercise regime.

The sheer optimism in his fans all over the world still believes that we will get to see Phelps in all his glory in Tokyo 2020.

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