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They say that nothing replaces the joys of a local library. While this comes from a range of readers big and small, it falls true in almost all cases. Local libraries come with their own set of attributes that stand out in a world embracing huge, store-like libraries.

While on my way to somewhere, I bumped into one such library which looked nothing less than a kingdom- a beautiful kingdom where every book was it’s own king and queen, graciously boasting its glossy, artsy cover, wanting to be ‘the chosen one’ for its reader. At the site of it, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What is such a beguiling place doing, hiding away in a big city like this?”

The library housed books of varied genres, writing styles and different authors. And me being an avid reader, couldn’t help but muse at the authentic collection.

One striking feature of many local librares is the rent system where we buy a book and with it, deposit a certain amount of money. (The rates at which the books are available are always cheap, considering the local factor.) We receive half of it back when we return the book. For example: I could purchase a hefty bestseller for Rs.100 and I get Rs.50 back on returning it. So, I am reading that very book for Rs. 50 and nothing more. Now, isn’t that a handsome investment!?


Local libraries could also become a great platform for one to chit-chat or interact with other like-minded locals. It is quite agreeable that sometimes, we tend to overlook people or passer-bys staying within our own vicinity but in the case of a library like this, you would always be curious to know what book the other person picked up and if you are lucky (and social) enough, this opportunity might strike an interesting conversation between the two of you!

Be it The Divergent Trilogy or something as cutural as The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, one has lofty chances of getting his right pick.

These libraries with their absolute warm vibe, match the idiosyncrasy of a reader and makes him feel at home. After the day when I came across one, I couldn’t help but wish that local libraries were availabe in cities like cafes and restaurants where one would voluntarily go to and not just ‘bump into’ for after all, they’re nothing less than a reader’s escapade where everyone is a pure reader and no-one a customer.

Mili Doshi

A little suburban woman aspiring to provide the world with strong journalistic and anthropological content. Forever looking for that tenuous grind and delving deeper into the beautiful complexities of life, I strive. I go on. And on.

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    1. Hello Darshan. You could check out Evershine Library in Malad (West) and if you are into comics, then the one at Leaping Windows café in Andheri (West).

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