LinkedIn Launches “Career Explorer” Tool To Helps Find Suitable Jobs Based On Skills

LinkedIn has come up with a new tool to take away the widespread unemployment from the world during this COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest side effect since the outbreak was unemployment as people lost jobs and had to face salary cuts as the pandemic pressed the global economy.

To do away with the alarming situation of unemployment, LinkedIn has now introduced new “Career Explorer’’ tool to help its users to find new jobs as well as change their career paths. Also, with news skills assessments and hiring frame tools, the company have taken steps for its user to develop new skills as well as have made job hunt much more manageable.

‘’Career Explorer” will help LinkedIn users to find jobs suitable to their profile and skills. The tool will allow user to find new jobs and apply for open roles.

Alongside this, LinkedIn is launching a new skills portal specifically to hone digital skills. So even if one does not possess the skills required for a specific job, the company has come up with 100 new Skill Assessments which will help the users to develop the skills needed for the job.

The new tool is also part of LinkedIn’s initiative, in partnership with Microsoft, aimed at developing digital skills to 25 million people globally by the end of this year by giving free access to training sessions. Some of the sessions include software development, graphic design and financial analysis.

It will also provide a subtle profile picture “frames” to indicate when you’re looking for work, or when you are hiring and also interview prep tools.

In India, alone unemployment went up to 24 per cent by the mid of May according to the Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy (CMIE). However, in September, the unemployment rate came down to over 6 per cent, a significant improvement from the previous months. Though the unemployment rate is still improving the economy will take time to bounce back from its current situation, and people will find it hard to find jobs under such a circumstance.

LinkedIn has found that about 3 in 5 Indian are trying to switch their career paths. This includes people from travel industries as well as professionals in recreation and many more.

To provide them with better career paths, the company has taken this initiative. LinkedIn has also decided to allow managers to post a job for free, and this feature will be rolled out in the coming months.

For those searching for new jobs or those who want to change their career paths, the new tools seems to help a lot.

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