Learn To Say ‘NO’

People judge. No matter what you do, they judge. They always have and always will, no matter what you do or not do for that matter. You just cannot please everyone, no, you can’t! It is just not difficult, but impossible.

For people out there who think nothing is impossible, just try posting something on social media, that is true but controversial, and you will exactly see how many people you will piss off by sticking to your statement. People often think saying yes to everything, might make people like them, which is not just an extremely untrue statement but also very harmful to oneself.

I mean come on, we live in an era where being selfish is as natural as breathing. When a person tries to be selfless, all that is left of him is a mess. Yes, a very broken mess, which is quite impossible to rectify. Feeling sorry for yourself, pitying yourself does nothing but makes you weaker and hungry for appreciation from others.

Trust me. No one will respect you if you don’t respect yourself. They WILL take you for granted; they WILL expect everything of you, without giving anything in return, because that is how you made them.

Stand up for yourself! Learn to say no, to a party where you don’t want to go but will go just for the sake of social acceptance.

Learn to say no, to an alliance you think is belittling for you.
Learn to say no, when you think it is too much.

Caring what others think about you is funny as well as stupid because most people don’t even know what they think about themselves. Also, more often than not, people will like the real version of you, rather than a tarnished version of someone else.

So next time when you say YES, for something which is not your taste, for the sake of change just try saying NO, you will feel more relieved and relaxed. You might get thrown out of your so-called group, but it will help you realise who actually cares for you and want to be with you when you are being real.

Moksha Jain

Perfectly flawed , very fond of fiction and travelling.

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