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Is India Really At Crossroads ?

We have always believed that there is a bipartisan recognition in the US that India plays an important role when it comes to achieving American objectives.

A bill with changes in the H1-B programme, that allows skilled workers from countries like India to fill high-tech jobs in the US has been re-introduced in the US Congress by two lawmakers who claim that it will help crack down on the work visa abuse.

Trump who was seen as a situation Coming to a bad end will find favour among Indians, who are wary of attacks by Pakistan-based terrorist groups.However, H-1B is a potential area of conflict between the two countries.

Far different from the move wide-ranging worker visa programme, H-1B visas are a lifeline to the global talent pool of engineers, who can build products and create economic growth in America, rather than in other countries.

An urge to reform H-1B visa system has come up. By transforming it, the country would be slurring with growth. Rather than giving H1-B visas to all foreigner workers, it should give visas to skilled workers to maintain the competitive spirit.

Americans, when we talk of tech-based jobs haven’t faced a chunk of change and so want that they no longer be left behind.

Raising the salary to a level more in-line with the average American salary for the special positions, it would cut down on abuse by removing the profit incentive and ensuring these positions remain available for companies who truly need them.

We can surely expect an immigration reform so far.Competitive spirit, innovation, and well-deserved candidates are ecstatic about the transformation of H-1B visa system.

Hope it takes the country and the immigrants to a whole new world of success and happiness.

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