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Industries including Bollywood are male dominated but that is being chipped away: Ashish Vidyarthi

A headstrong persona, devoted actor and a charismatic man, Mr. Vidyarthi kept the audience gripped throughout his session on Brand building and entrepreneurial skills. Mr. Vidyarthi is has performed in theatre and the big screen in 12 different languages, and is renowned in Bollywood for movies such as Haider, Barfi! and R…Rajkumar. His stellar performance in Drohkal earned him the National award for the best supporting actor.

Following are his views on Indian cinema, Patriarchy in Bollywood and its progression through the years-

# What differences do you find in the contrasting paradigms of Bollywood and Tollywood?

It’s not really a question of difference as long as we enhance the uniqueness of each sector. So whichever forum we work in, if we can bring out the best of ourselves we will be embarking on a journey to let the amazing happen. At the same time, one should be strategic and be specific to the place one chooses to perform in.

# How much do you think Bollywood has progressed through the yesteryears?

It has progressed abundantly, just as all of us in the industry have. Things have altered a lot, just as they should because that’s where the future is.

Ashish Vidyarthi Actor
Source: IndiaTimes

# What do you think is the scope of Bollywood in the international market?

It’s amazing. It allows culture available for other people to consume. Life is about stories being told in such a way that you draw people towards them and I believe that Bollywood does this and more and hence is becoming increasingly popular outside the borders of our nation

# To what extent in your view, is Bollywood a male-dominated society?

Many industries including Bollywood are male dominated but that is being chipped away, and that’s exactly what should happen. The status quo which was earlier being taken for granted is now being made redundant and I am optimistic about women’s influence in Bollywood and other industries in the future.

# In reference to your address, the brand building also comes with the persistent need of image protection. What in your opinion would be the correct measures to keep up the sustainability?

Image protection is essentially the domain of intellectual property lawyers. I believe brand development has to do with leaving people wanting you or your service again. The core of service is when we provide exemplary service we willingly leave our doors wider open for more people to enter in.

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