India Invites British PM Boris Johnson For Republic Day 2021

India is keen to invite British PM Boris Johnson to be the chief guest for the Republic Day Parade at the Red Fort on January 26 2021. The development becomes important with Britain approving the world’s first covid-19 vaccine for mass immunization.

India honors January 26 as the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect and Indian administration was rightly run by the people of India. The date becomes important in Indian History as Indian Congress, in its first, on January 26 1929 demanded “Poorna Swaraaj” – Absolute independence from the autocratic British Raj. 

On Wednesday the British High Commission, reacted to reports of India’s invitation to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for Republic Day march and said that they can’t affirm one way or the other. Furthermore, the High Commission has commented that “PM Boris Johnson is keen to visit India as soon as possible.” 

On November 27, a formal invite was sent by Prime Minister Modi to PM Boris Johnson for the national occasion of India’s Republic Day in a telephonic conversation. Mr Johnson has also invited PM Modi to the Climate Ambition Summit which will be held in December 2020.

The telephonic conversation can be confirmed by with PM Narendra Modi’s tweet of November 27. PM Modi said in a tweet that he had an “excellent discussion” with his “friend” UK PM Boris Johnson on a road map for India-UK relations in the next decade.


The reports of the British PM being welcomed to India were doing the rounds around the same time when the United Kingdom endorsed the Pfizer-BioNTech antibody for rollout on December 1. 

New Delhi is tight-lipped on the decision, but diplomats say that it is a well-thought-out strategy by PM Modi to invite his UK counterpart as a hard Brexit looms on the horizon and London wonders about its special relationship with Washington under the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden.

PM Johnson profoundly claimed the development of vaccine as “fantastic” news that would help life get back to normal. He also asked for caution and patience from the British people. 

The last British prime minister to be present at India’s Republic Day parade was John Major in 1993. If PM Johnson visits the Capital, he will be the fifth leader from Britain to commemorate India’s Republic Day.

While the UK is trying to become Global Britain from Great Britain, the January 1 Brexit will squeeze London – 47% of the UK’s fares have as of not long ago been destined for the European Union. With Europe arranged for a hard fringe and approaching US President Joe Biden having communicated his fears about Brexit, the UK is confronting vulnerability on trade issues.

From the Indian perspective, New Delhi needs to connect with London as the latter is essential for the P-5 (the five perpetual individuals from the UN Security Council) development with its relation of the USA on Afghanistan and Pakistan. With India keeping itself from the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) world’ largest regional trade alliance due to china’s domination, her relationship with Britain and the EU becomes utmost significant in terms of economic trade. 

It is yet to see if the British PM could make it to India in January 2021 amidst third wave hitting the Indian Capital and farmer’s revolting on Delhi streets against farm bills.

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