IMA Files Defamation Charge Against Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba’s Alleged Accusation Of Allopathy

India is one of the most infected countries globally and has been fighting the CoronaVirus with all its might. The medical infrastructure has been waging war against the virus every day to save as many lives as possible. The country depends on an exhaustive medical structure. At the same time, the government administration lacks in helping the medical facilities in the country. During times like these, the Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba published an open letter to the IMA (Indian Medical Association). The yoga guru included 25 questions in the open letter, where he challenged the allopathic treatments and medications that have been developed over the years in the country.

In his questions, he asked questions related to Hypertension, Diabetes, solutions on Migraines, and effectiveness and alternative approaches on heart-related diseases like heart blockages. The letter was posted via his Twitter handle, along with a video where talked about the ineffectiveness of Allopathic treatments in modern Indian. Originally the questions were written in Hindi as he posted the letter.

Following are the twenty-five questions that the Yoga Guru included:

  • What permanent solution does allopathy offer for treating hypertension and its complications, Type 1, Type 2 Diabetes, complications, thyroid, arthritis, colitis, and asthma?
  • Like Allopathy offers TB and Chicken Pox treatment, does it have any medicine for treating Fatty Liver, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis? What remedy does the pharma industry offer to treat heart blockages? Does it also offer a non-surgical solution to Angioplasty?
  • Does the pharma Industry offer Enlarged Heart and Ejection Fraction (ET) treatment without using a pacemaker?
  • Does Allopathy offer treatment for reducing cholesterol triglycerides, which does not cause any side effects on the liver, and can it provide a side-effect-free cure for constipation, gastric, acidity, and increase haemoglobin?
  • Does the pharma Industry have a permanent solution to cure headaches, migraines, insomnia, and permanent treatment to improve eyesight and hearing?
  • Can Allopathy give a permanent treatment for Pyorrhea that can stop the weakening of gums and teeth?
  • Is there a medicine, which can help a person reduce 0.5-1 kg every day without any surgical treatment?
  • Can Allopathy doctors provide a permanent solution for psoriasis, arthritis, white spot syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, spondylitis, and turn RA (Rheumatoid factor) from positive to negative?
  • Is there any treatment to reduce stress hormones and increase happy/good hormones in Allopathy?
  • Besides IVF, which is an excruciating process, does Allopathy offer any natural infertility treatment?
  • Name any medicine in the pharma industry, which can help reverse the ageing process of humans.
  • Is there any allopathic medicine, which can help a person give up all substance and alcohol addictions?

He also questioned the advancement of the medical facilities that couldn’t treat Covid-19 patients without liquid oxygen.

  • Does the Pharma industry have a solution to treat COVID-19 patients without using liquid medical oxygen? Ramdev asks.

Hinting at the innumerable attacks launched at him, Baba Ramdev also asked if Allopathy has any treatment for the growing hatred and violence and also a cure that can put an end to the fight between Allopathy and Ayurveda with the following questions,

  • “Mankind is walking towards the path of hatred and violence. Is there any allopathic treatment for the same?
  • Does the pharma industry have medicine that can end a fight between Allopathy and Ayurveda” he asked?

Lastly, Baba Ramdev posed a pertinent question as to why do doctors fall sick when Allopathy has the solution and treatment for every ailment,

  • “If allopathy is capable of treating every disease and health condition, then its doctor should never fall ill.”

Ramdev was forced to withdraw a statement made in a viral video clip in which he is heard saying that “lakhs have died from taking allopathic medicines for COVID-19.” reported PTI (Press Trust of India)

Ramdev has been sent with a defamation notice by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) for allegedly making disparaging remarks against Allopathy and allopathic practitioners. The IMA has threatened to sue Ramdev for Rs 1,000 crore in damages if he does not apologize within 15 days. The remarks by Ramdev are “damaging to the name and image of allopathy, and the approximately 2,000 practitioners who are members of the association,” “according to a six-page notification sent on behalf of IMA (Uttarakhand) secretary Ajay Khanna by his lawyer Neeraj Pandey.

According to the notice, Ramdev is also required to prepare a video clip denying all of his false and defamatory claims and distribute it on all social media sites where he previously put his video clip levelling the allegations. The IMA has also asked that the yoga teacher remove a “misleading” “advertisement from all platforms that promotes his firm’s” “Coronil kit” “as an effective COVID-19 treatment, failing which the IMA will file an FIR and pursue criminal charges against him. PTI

Later, the Patanjali Founder even stated the issue, saying, “We do not oppose modern medical science and Allopathy. We believe that Allopathy has shown immense progress in surgery and the lifesaving system and served humanity. My statement has been quoted as part of a WhatsApp message that I was reading during a volunteer meeting. I am sorry if it has hurt anyone’s sentiment,“” wrote Ramdev in his letter to the Union Health Minister in Hindi.

As the Union Health Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan wrote a strongly-worded letter to the Yoga Guru and was told to withdraw his statement and the viral video from the social media platforms terming it as “inappropriate.”

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